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  1. Oh man, Jade Cocoon. Forgot about that one. The original game had this mechanic that would allow you to create new 3D monsters based on how you merge them. Multiple merges with the same monster types will make them look slightly different each time, and after a few creative merges with several species you can make something truly unique or an eldritch abomination.
  2. My only experience with Magic is in the early 2000's and with the game Shandalar. Very addictive. If you haven't tried it you should, it's abandonware at this point.
  3. Good to have a general monster collecting episode. There are some hidden gems in the genre even if it is pretty small. Digimon World 2 stands out for being far better than 1 and 3, along with having some solid dungeon crawling. Monster Rancher 1 and 2 are full of unique mechanics and really stand out, probably the hardest of all monster collecting games. Yeah Megami Tensei and Nocturne are tough and all, but try the final tournaments of Rancher without save scumming or metagame exploits and before your monster dies of old age. Azure Dreams is an often forgotten one, and admittedly is fairly forgettable, but its certainly worth at least one go.
  4. American cultural insanity knows no bounds and is spreading. Part of a much, much bigger and older trend.
  5. Forgot about this until now! Now that I think about it, this was a really funny show for it's time. The angry scientist bit was great.
  6. That's... underwhelming, to say the least. But I do think the GranDragon refusing to fight you is a nice touch. What is the point, when you have literally conquered everything?
  7. If you do it, you should Let's Play it. I'd watch. I've only ever used the GBC version, myself. I'm still curious what the end reward is for collecting every gold medal, supposedly there is one, but I haven't been insane enough to try.
  8. I actually didn't know that about agility. That it boosted defense, I mean. I'm now tempted to try Thief/Monk to really boost that agility for extra defense...
  9. What's the status on this? Is it completed or in workable form? I would be highly tempted to try my hand at this if it was...
  10. Yep, different monsters all have their own general lifespan, but it can be increased, and with great effort, increased indefinitely. This requires significant metagame knowledge, however, as well as a tight schedule. Not my way to play the game. Dying after a fight is random, only happens if you lose, but is much more likely to happen if you take massive damage with low health. Some legendary monsters, like the Phoenix, won't die, but have their own "exit" cutscene once their time is up.
  11. Odeo's saga was so good. So, so good. A truly sad tale told in less than an hour. Poor Odeo.
  12. Monster Rancher 2. The game will break your heart when your monster dies of old age, or worse, gets killed in a fight, and that is actually required to unlock some new species. Really appreciate how arcane and hard to get some of these monsters are to get without cheating, considering the extensive amount of discs you need to have lying around, but its better this way. Not exactly possible to grind your way to max stats without significant metagame knowledge, considering the limited lifespan they all have. One of the more difficult monster raising games to complete, really.
  13. Thieves are a great "in between" class if you are going for certain warrior builds. I typically go wizard 21-22 for twinhits, increase, and the occasional mid-game Firebane, thief 23-25 or so for more agility while having some MP growth to offset the loss of it, then to warrior. This makes me usually fast enough to go first, useful to not get ground down by random encounters, and gives me several uses of buffing spells for the harder fights. A solid front-liner that takes little time to finish, you can do it as soon as class changes open up and continue the game.
  14. I didn't see a DQ3 specific board so i'll just post it here. All the little things about this title make it one of my favorite in the series. The personality quiz and test, along with all the possible combinations of things you can do there, is such a fantastic intro. You have a degree of freedom to make bad choices for yourself, like refusing to meet with the King at the start of the game, and these choices affect your personality, which changes the dialogue of some characters, and also alters your stats. Your 3 companions can class shift and are customizable similar to the Monsters games and some later entries in the series. All in all, it's just a great romp with one of the most referenced heroes in all of DQ. If you haven't tried this one yet, you should.
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