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  1. Cran has her fan to thwack people with. Having been thwacked before, I feel that it is sufficient. Sounds painful. Though I guess it’s better than a sword.
  2. To change the camera: 1. Press X to bring up the menu 2. Select the bottom right option さくせん 3. Choose option 3 4. Choose option 5 5. For the first and second options, choose the second option リバース Sorry, but I’m not familiar with the other stuff.
  3. I know you said that you don’t need the VPN to be active on launch, but maybe try doing it anyway just to be safe. Did you recently download new software that may interfere with the game? Can you get more specific details on what is the exact problem that Windows is reporting? Perhaps this page will help. It lists some of the things that you have already tried, but also some new suggestions: https://www.partitionwizard.com/partitionmagic/computer-crashes-when-playing-games.html
  4. This page should help https://www.woodus.com/forums/topic/28619-dragons-den-team/
  5. What exactly is happening? Is the game crashing after the red warning sign? Maybe check your computer’s specs to see if it’s enough to run the game. Perhaps run less applications while playing the game.
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