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  1. I could do that but it wouldn't be really useful as there's already the name variant on the already existing monster list (sadly couldn't fuse both list). Also this is confusing because some monsters not only have different names, but also different color palette (while being the same mob), for example, the silvapithecus which is purple-ish in most of his representation, is also called the silver demon and is blue-ish. I tried to list the different variation, but i quickly stopped because it was pretty confusing. Maybe I'll do a Big update (adding variant or something else) one day,
  2. Thanks for the nice feedback , the Divine Dragon from DQ3 you're searching is listed as Xenlon.
  3. Hello everyone ! Some months ago, I made a post about a chart that I made. A list of (almost) all the monsters of the Franchise. For the past months, me and Woodus have been working on a new section of the website, a list containing exactly that : all the monsters of all the main games, monsters games, and main spin-off games of the Dragon Quest Franchise. Similar to the main lists already present on the website, it list new information for the monsters, notably which games introduce one monsters, the various games it appears in, and the percentage of apparition throughout the 35 games L
  4. I updated the chart and added the Japanese names of each monsters. But some of them were impossible to find, so if anyone has name for them:
  5. Hello everyone, bringing news. I've added all the monsters From DQ X, DQM2 3D/SP, DQMSL, DQMJ3(P), DQSB, DQMP, DQOTS, DQR & DQW, along with some other monsters that I may have missed previously. I wanna die in piece now. All the monsters with both English and Japanese names on the doc are those that I added (or in the doc I'm attaching) . I did what I could with the cropping/translating, but i know it's not perfect (some monsters names are romanization, others are raw translation). So if any of you have better names, please feel free to tell me. Also, even on the Japanese web, I lacke
  6. I mainly use the Fandom wiki and a bit of this site (for some sprites/info), I looked on the Japanese web mainly for sprites, but I can't read Japanese. I spotted some monsters that were not listed on both site (Wiki/Woodus) or that didn't have name/image (mainly translated names). I could put the Japanese names instead of translated ones but it would break the coherence of the list, and i would certainly lack info about which games they appear in. That's why there's "a lot " missing from mainly non translated games (like Stars, Super Light, DQ X, DQMJ3P, Terry's Wonderland, Iru&Lucas, etc
  7. I corrected the errors you mentioned And yeah, there might be more, but yeah it's a pain with all the colour/model/name changes through the versions. Thanks for the feedback ! Edit 1: I have highlighted the games each monsters was introduced in. Please tell me what you think guys ! Edit 2: Also, if anyone of you posses a list of monsters with significant colour/model variations between games (like Malroth Green/Blue, Silvapithecus(Purple) / AgDevil(Blue), etc...). Please tell me so I can add the variations on the list (I added some but not all).
  8. Good for me, it's always good to have the most accurate wiki ! But if it's monsters without translated names or info about them that's gonna be painful if we have to add them in x)
  9. Hi ! I would have loved to add more details like japanese names, percentage (as i said in the post), sprites in each versions, making difference betwen differents version of a game (DQ11 3Ds, PC, Switch, ...). Also the listing of some monsters with significant model/color/name change between different games is kinda annoying, (like malroth who is either blue or green), I listed some But I'm just a man so I sticked to the basic info (and maybe it would be "to much" info for a single doc). It would be cool to keep it up to date with the New monsters and those that are yet to be translated
  10. Hello everyone. I made a Chart containing all the monsters of the series that I could find with model/name. I mainly used info from the Fandom Wiki and this website (and some others that I found on the web). It list all the monsters Splash art and Name) and in which game they appear in. I don't know if you can do something with it, but I think it's worth sharing (That's a lot of info), so if you want to use it (for a Mega Page or something), please do so. It sadly doesn't list every monsters in existence cause some that are in non translated Jap versions of games (like DQMJ3, Super light or St
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