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  1. It would be so good to have a dual hero story, like Fire Emblem Gaiden/Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. Both story being different but connected to one another, not just having to choose between a male/female hero.
  2. If possible I'd love if they keep everything from DQ XI, who was a perfect game in itself : Pep powers, mounts, updated crafting, ... But there's some thing I would like them to had/not had to DQ XII assuming they have the same base as DQ XI : - True Symphonic suit, not in some DQ XII X. - Ability to tame monsters like in DQ V/VIII - Jobs like in DQ VII (which i prefer over the DQ IX system). - No random companions like DQ III or IX. - Be a long game like DQ XI or VIII. - Estark - A better system to farm seeds, please, I spent one and a half day farming seeds or strength for that Timewyrm #$*!
  3. Man if they make some Mass effect like dragon quest I'm just gonna die from hype
  4. They do pulled a sneaky one by presenting the DQ X one in the international preview and then saying there's no international release. Maybe they'll change their mind about that offline version and Enix will have the balls to translate that. For DQ XII we can only wait and see.
  5. Sure thing. Yeah maybe, it's just that the sword is not mentioned in the game (contrary to the original). And it's method of making is not part of the main story of act 3 (hammer from the horse race, key from the hotto story, orichalcum from the battleground,...).
  6. Hi everyone, so I was wondering about something. Is the fourth sword of light (the supreme sword of light) canon ? First for me what I mean by "fourth sword of light" is the supreme sword of light that you forge in the second timeline. The other being : 1) Original sword of light timeline 1-> Sword of Shadows, 2) The Sword of light that you forge with your friends -> destroyed when coming back in time 3) Original sword of light timeline 2-> that you put back into Yggdrasil heart, then picked by the heroes of the original trilogy. 4) The Second sword of light that you forge with your friend -> Can be turned into the supreme Sword of Light with the fun size forge Because as far as I remember, it's not mentioned anywhere that you actually craft it back in the second timeline. It's hinted that you're mainly using the original sword of light. So what actually happened to it? Is it canon or does 11 just keep it in his cave never to be used again ?
  7. Thanks ! Do you happen to have the Jap names of ID so that I can update the appearance list ? Edit: found them on my own, so don't worry about it
  8. I was waiting for this, gonna try it asap !
  9. Yeah, my only regret in life is not finishing the game when this thread was alive this is because of people like you that we can't have nice things !
  10. So, after finishing the 3DS version of DQ7, I'm reviving this dead behemoth of thread just to say that Maribel is the best girl, she may be annoying but she clearly progress through the story from a soar tsundere to a sweet one. Also she seems to be kinder in the French version of the game than in the English one I feel. For exemple: And just because that quote was better in French (which is a superior language anyway), I will now defend Maribel to the #$*!ing death, come at me.
  11. I could do that but it wouldn't be really useful as there's already the name variant on the already existing monster list (sadly couldn't fuse both list). Also this is confusing because some monsters not only have different names, but also different color palette (while being the same mob), for example, the silvapithecus which is purple-ish in most of his representation, is also called the silver demon and is blue-ish. I tried to list the different variation, but i quickly stopped because it was pretty confusing. Maybe I'll do a Big update (adding variant or something else) one day, but for now, it's not really that needed
  12. Thanks for the nice feedback , the Divine Dragon from DQ3 you're searching is listed as Xenlon.
  13. Hello everyone ! Some months ago, I made a post about a chart that I made. A list of (almost) all the monsters of the Franchise. For the past months, me and Woodus have been working on a new section of the website, a list containing exactly that : all the monsters of all the main games, monsters games, and main spin-off games of the Dragon Quest Franchise. Similar to the main lists already present on the website, it list new information for the monsters, notably which games introduce one monsters, the various games it appears in, and the percentage of apparition throughout the 35 games Listed. It also lists more monsters than the original list, notably those from untranslated games or updates, those monsters not having official names (3952 monsters as of when I'm writing this), so yes, most of these names are not officials. Along with a percentage of how many new monsters were added in each game. More info are present on the front page of the list ! Anyway, this list is not meant to replace the old one you all know and love, and should be used more as a trivia list if you want to flex and show how many monsters were added to the franchise in the "Torneko's Great Adventure" series. So, if you want to check it out, you can either use this link, or from the website -> Ressources -> Monster Appearance. For me, I will try to keep it as updated as possible. Also, I'm human so it's (fairly) possible that the list has mistakes, so all the experts are invited to tell me if they spot some, so it can be corrected. If anyone has better images for some of the monsters (because I'm mostly working from 240p screenshots for most of the untranslated ones), or any suggestion at all, please share or message me, I'll try to reply quickly. Anyway, thank you all for reading this French made post (I hope you did read it...), and thanks to Woodus for carrying the project !!
  14. I updated the chart and added the Japanese names of each monsters. But some of them were impossible to find, so if anyone has name for them:
  15. Hello everyone, bringing news. I've added all the monsters From DQ X, DQM2 3D/SP, DQMSL, DQMJ3(P), DQSB, DQMP, DQOTS, DQR & DQW, along with some other monsters that I may have missed previously. I wanna die in piece now. All the monsters with both English and Japanese names on the doc are those that I added (or in the doc I'm attaching) . I did what I could with the cropping/translating, but i know it's not perfect (some monsters names are romanization, others are raw translation). So if any of you have better names, please feel free to tell me. Also, even on the Japanese web, I lacked some info, so if anyone have a clear list of all the monsters/cards from DQSB please tell me. Also (2), There's a big hole in the Japanese wiki monsters list of DQOTS (from n°1105 to n°1345 (maybe beyond ?)), and I don't know why (To be release, or lazy Japanese fans ?). I listed some monsters from that range, but 99% of it is impossible to find (at least for me), so if any of you know can find me the missing monsters I'll add them (There's monsters like Mothra & Godzilla in that range). As always, if you got any feedback/corrections/translation to offer, please tell me. The expert of each games are invited to (not) insult me and to tell me the thing I may have missed or wrongly done. New Monsters.rar
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