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  1. I'm a rando artist from the Internet. I just came to the forum not so long ago with the goal of learning a bit more of the DQ universe. I was a huge fan of the Monster Joker series when I was a kid. And now I would like to draw a lot of the monsters of this franchise just to practice a bit. I love creature design and this is a good opportunity to practice. But since I'm kinda new on this I would like to know some good ones to start. I know some names but I played the Spanish version of the DQMJ2 so I don't know most of the original names and I want to search for good image references of this creatures (Or if anyone knows about artbooks of the games I'm also interested). I'll leave here a bunch of sketches I did (I'm busy most of the time so I didn't put much time of them). But I hope everyone can enjoy them! Hopefully I can finish them or make better ones to post. Thanks for reading.
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