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  1. Oh for heaven’s sake! I just found a YouTube walkthrough that shows where you go. That’s remarkably inscrutable. I would never have thought to go down in the room below! (See at 2:38 in the video) Anyway now I’m going through the hell that is the Cave of Rendarak!
  2. Hi, I’m new here and I’ve been working my way through the DQ games over the past year. So far I’ve completed DQBuilders 2, DQ VII, DQ I and I’m working to finish DQ II. The problem I’m having is that I’ve hit a dead end in Beran. I’ve consulted the walkthrough on here and I’m supposed to go to the building behind the deadly floor but when I go up the stairs I just find this room with no exit (see image). However, I’m suppose to be on the overworld heading toward Rendarak. I have the moonshard, all 5 sigils, Mark of Erdrick, eye of Rubiss, the false idol. Is this is bug or am I m
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