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  1. Oh, sorry! 'みらぬだ' ('Miranuda') ID: EJ520-140
  2. Yeah, about that... apparently I've been on trial version the whole time despite having the game? And now I've registered my account... I think? I still can't claim my yellow rewards and bazaar stuff, lol. Gotta look into it and see what I'm doing wrong.
  3. Hey-hey. I've been playing since... June-I think- and it'd be nice to be part of a community who could probably (?) help me out when all else fails, lol. Oh, and also make friends, I suppose. I'm currently a Lv. 75 Weddie Thief by the name of 'みらぬだ' ('Miranuda,' a botched corruption of Miranda, or 'Miseri-Miranda,' I'm sure), and grinding out other classes for some extra stats.
  4. Heck yeah. It'd be nice to explore the lands of DQX with others. Likewise! Your site has been a proper help to me, like returning to DQVIII on 3DS for insane alchemy hours, and LITERALLY EVERYTHING after the first half of DQ, so cheers, lol.
  5. So here's an introduction. Good Afternoon! I am typing here on this very forum site. My name is Timber, and I love Dragon Quest. I started out with IX, I believe. I was in my first year of University and I remember spilling so many hours into that game. It awoke within me my passion for randomly-generated dungeons, and DQ in general kindled my love for genuine, unfiltered adventure. After that, I think I played VIII, and I just fell in love with the series. Buying the games were kinda tight, but as I grew up, I started keeping eyes out for game after game, until I fin
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