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  1. Hi, I have no friends, i lost all of them with the time, and this is starting to affect me, I spend 95% of the time at my home. Maybe there is someone from Spain here?
  2. First time i see someone that have played rogue Galaxy :'c <3. Im also in love with path of exile, its so hard, but its deep and sooooo good, u can do whatever u think on a build, super bizzarre things. And Im a huge disgaea fan, and other NIS games like Cladun.
  3. Ohh, Yes i know that game, Just didnt realize seeing the acronyms. I have been playing a lot of classic sagas, like YS, Grandia, phantasy star, and a lot more. I will have to try that game, looks good. I also want to try Dark Cloud. PD: i recommend Rogue Galaxy. Its a 10/10
  4. Which channels do u use to see dragon quest content? I use zenithia Kids (spanish) and sackchief (english). Its difficult to see dragon quest only content.
  5. I will buy the s version for the extra features, but i was hoping a new title, my hype was so high hahahah. We will hace to wait more
  6. So they wont show anything more? thought it was something New, something we didnt know existed, not like the S versión of dqXI. (and yes, i saw the entire live dragon quest 9 direct without understanding nothing xddddd)
  7. https://www.gematsu.com/2020/07/weekly-jump-teases-news-on-certain-dragon-quest-title-for-issue-35 The rumours are a dq9 remake, dq12 or a monsters game. I hope its dq9
  8. Do you know something about the new title that was supposed to be announced on the weekly jump 35? They said it was a new game, and i think that will be the remake of the 9, but they didnt say nothing yet :c
  9. Yeyyy. I was Lucky because my brother played dq9 with me a lot, and also some friends, but at the end i was the only one that keep playing it.
  10. DQ X offline, or DQIX for pc and consoles, with multiplayer to do some dungeons. Thats all i want to be happy
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