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  1. Thank you so much!!!! updates: I got Gadabout yesterday, very fun! I will point out that the EXP requirement is extremely steep, right now I'm at level 17 and I need 26k EXP to move on to the next level, which is the equivalent of what you need for advanced vocations around the 60-70 level mark I believe. Having Fun is basically a Hocus Pocus, the effects are completely random, from useless quirky moves, to releasing kacrack and other attacks/spells and giving buffs. Also, I might have figured a timing with the jackpot spot, about 4 to 5 spots away from where the roulette starts, tapping twice in that slot each time you pass over it. Worked for both superbosses and regular bosses (that's how I managed to rack up 875,000 total. Though I have to test it more in the future, to get certain this is a consistent result. I attached some files to show my results (I hope I can record the trick sometime soon), when you hit 450,000 jackpot you get a cup that has a Roto (Erdrick) emblem on it, fun little easter egg! Finally, I plan to get the original post updated, when I have more substance to add; (I still need to catch the name of Archdemon's skill and have a bad enough team so the Golem hits me with a Megaton Punch), I will try to get the values of the regular coin pusher jackpot shots. I noticed (premium pusher) that bosses vary between 21,000 ; 60,000 and 150,000 while superbosses is mostly 450,000 except for Baramos that gives the values regular bosses do but sometimes 450,000 too. I need to double check DragonLord 2 too, I'm unsure if he also gives 450,000 every time. And the triple 7 doesn't give you the maximum reward as well, as you can see from the picture above. I want to post pictures of board effects as well. Might as well give gadabout info?
  2. ahh thank you so much ;w; Ah right! Gooing to add that
  3. Hello! So I've been going super scientific over the coin pusher minigame available in DQotS, and I'm here to share my research . Me, a total crackhead playing this game for at least a 3 days worth of playtime to get gadabout, I'm a third of my way in. At first, I was thinking about making an extensive guide how to play and take advantage of the system, but I can't really at the moment so, that aside, I'm here to share some stats I have gathered instead! Let's start with some miscellaneous facts first: Bosses and befriended monsters attack have a defined single value, yes it means there is no resistance or advantage whatsoever, a spiked hare will hit 118 nonetheless of the boss and a boss you will hit you the same amount of HP nevertheless of your team formation (although team HP max does depend on team formation, see below) Your team formation will create a set of total HP depending on the befriended enemy's rank (see rank down below) Befriended monsters are officially tier'd into 3 states: Gold - Silver and Bronze (you can spot them on their pedestal upon summon), they will give a set amount of HP (better ranked monsters = more health, inverse is true) and their rank is tied to how much attack they have as well. In order to guarantee surviving on Superbosses (see superbosses below), you need a team of at least one gold and two silver ranked monsters, and the gold is the prominent attacker/skill release on the rolls, or have 2 golds and pray the lesser ranked enemy doesn't attack as much. Superbosses (not official, made up by me) are bosses above 2,000 HP AND/OR have a skill that affects the board, such as Malroth, Zoma, Dragonlord 2nd, these will more than likely wipe out your team and split the battle in two unless the condition in the point above are met. Said superbosses have a jackpot reward of 450,000 coins, although I don't know if it's due to the premium coin pusher I'm using or if it applies to regular pusher (let me know!) Baramos is an outlier, as he's technically a superboss in terms of HP amount, but is probably the second easiest one after Dragonlord 2nd, and the 450,000 reward is not guaranteed (I got 150,000 more than once). Superbosses guarantee a Jackpot shot as their reward, with the exception of Baramos. The game shuffles around 12 bosses in total. The game shuffles around 20 befriendable monsters, although their rate is biased to which boss you are about to counter (ig, more likely to get gold and silver on superbosses while weaker bosses you'll generally have a trio of bronze monsters) Keep that in mind for the point #3! The Jackpot shot prematurely ends the roulette from spinning when you tap the screen. Throwing coins to hit the side slots will more than likely push the coins to the side pits rather than forward, making you lose them. It is preferred that you only throw on the center spot, while the pusher is coming forward. The rare "7" roll match is a Jackpot shot, in case you never landed on it, and the reward is the same as the superbosses, being 450,000 coins at stake. The rare "Go-go" roll match activates an effect of giving you 5 consecutive guaranteed roll matches. Treasure chests always give you a ring. Items (rings, crowns, ingots, monster figurines, etc...) CANNOT and WILL NOT fall into the side waste pits, at worst they will be stuck because of the coin formation. To easily resolve this go to the menu → click "reposition" button and the game will take those stuck items and put them back on the center. Theories: The Jackpot shot may be slowed down even more if you tap more than once on the screen, I once managed to get the Jackpot Shot's roulette to last 2 seconds. There might be a timing to figure out thanks to the tapping in order to get a guaranteed landing on the Jackpot Shot depending on where on the roulette the arrow starts relative to the Jackpot shot slot, as I managed to get jackpot 3 times on weaker bosses tapping at the exact position on the roulette, although it did not work on superbosses so far. I decided to not put rewards as they are quite random and it will take me time to have a 100% drop rate on every one of them to know the max amount of coins they can give. Just keep in mind that Superbosses have a Jackpot Spot reward of 450,000 coins and weaker bosses 21,000 or 15,000 if they give one; and again, this was done on premium, the rewards might be cut in 3 to get the result for the regular pusher, would like to know if the regular ones give the same Jackpot Spot rewards. Preface for the Boss and Befriended Monsters stats: Green is HP of the subject, red is their attack value, and purple the attack value of their skill. Orange indicates a board effect from a skill OR a debuff effect on the target. BOSS STATISTICS [sorted by HP, then total attack including skills] : superboss class bosses: Malroth - 2,300 HP, Deals a single 140 HP attack on your team. Skill: Hellzapple (459 HP attack) - sends a lightning strike on the board, evaporating the coins around the area, lasts for 10 seconds (CT might be 120 seconds) Zoma - 2,300 HP, Deals two 75 HP attacks on your team. Skill: Kacrack (320 HP attack) - summons three icicles towards the gathering coin spot and makes the ground slippery, which creates the effect of sliding coins towards the side pits for about 10 seconds (CT might be between 60 to 120 seconds) Baramos - 2,100 HP, Deals one 124 HP attack on your team. Skill: Mountainmover (250 HP attack) - no board effect, (CT might between 60 to 120 seconds). Dragonlord, 2nd phase - 1,650 HP, Deals one 90 HP attack on your team. Skill: Scorch (650 HP attack) - incarcerates the board which makes the coins vanish, dures approximately 10 seconds (CT might between 60 to 120 seconds). basic bosses: Hargon - 1,500 HP, Deals one 90 HP attack on your team. Skill: Kaboom (420 HP attack, nice) - no board effect, (CT 120 seconds maybe). Dragonlord, 1st phase - 1,400 HP, Deals one 100 HP attack on your team. Skill: Inferno (220 HP attack) - no board effect (CT 60 seconds maybe). Golem - 1,300 HP, Deals one 50 HP attack on your team. Skill: Megaton Punch - no board effect (attack value and CT approximate missing! I have not recorded it!). Striking Sabrecat - 1,050 HP, Deals one 50 HP attack on your team. Skill: Gale Force Fang (80 HP attack) - no board effect (CT 60 seconds maybe). Wrecktor - 1,000 HP, Deals one 60 HP attack on your team. Skill: Boom (160 HP attack) - no board effect (CT 60 seconds maybe). Orochi - 850 HP, Deals three 20 HP attacks on your team. Skill: Fireball Storm (120 HP attack) - no board effect (CT 60 seconds maybe). Robbin' 'Ood - 810 HP, Deals one 60 HP attack on your team. Skill: Helm Splitter (260 HP attack) - no board effect (CT 60 seconds maybe). Knight Abberant - 800 HP, Deals three 20 HP attacks on your team. Skill: Tomahawk (120 HP attack) - no board effect (CT 30 to 60 seconds maybe). Please note that CT is very inconsistent, even when recording them. I'm only giving an indicative timing on them. BEFRIENDED MONSTERS STATISTICS [sorted by attack value, then skill attack] Gold tier monsters: Dragon Zombie - one 220 HP attack. Skill: Freezing Blizzard (400 HP attack) Archdemon - one 210 HP attack. Skill: Didn't catch the name, sorry! (210 HP attack) Gigantes - one 200 HP attack. Skill: Crackerwack (370 HP attack) Killing Machine - one 194 HP attack. Skill: Krackle Slash (429 HP attack) Green Dragon - one 190 HP attack. Skill: Flame Breath (460 HP attack) Silver tier monsters: Boss Troll - two 85 HP attacks. Skill: Boulder Toss (200 HP attack) Silvapethicus - one 162 HP attack. Skill: Sizzle (204 HP attack) Living Statue - one 155 HP attack. Skill: Stomp (220 HP attack) Orc King - one 145 HP attack. Skill: Mercurial Thrust (280 HP attack) Golem - one 120 HP attack. Skill: Megaton Punch (350 HP attack) Bronze tier monsters: Walking Corpse - one 130 HP attack. Skill: Poison attack (135 HP attack, may cause poison status) Goodybag - one 125 HP attack. Skill: Sizzle (150 HP attack) Dancing Flame - one 120 HP attack. Skill: Flame Breath (160 HP attack) Restless Armour - one 115 HP attack. Skill: Attack Attacker (180 HP attack) Spiked Hare - one 118 HP attack. Skill: Zap (170 HP attack) Dracky - one 90 HP attack. Skill: Zam (100 HP attack) Imp - one 85 HP attack. Skill: Boom (110 HP attack) Funghoul - one 80 HP attack. Skill: Sleep Attack (120 HP attack, may cause sleep status) Medislime - one 76 HP attack. Skill: Spinning Tackle (176 HP attack) Slime - one 70 HP attack. Skill: Inferno Breath (140 HP attack) looks like slime is at the bottom, well that's kind of expected. Note: for the tiers I'm not entierly sure about Walking Corpse being in bronze, but if there are any errors let me know I'll correct it in the future! Miel's personal guidance and tricks You aren't 100% required to follow them, but I have assembled a couple of tricks and guidance in order to maximise your gameplay of the minigame. Call me the coin pusher expert or crackhead, as you wish. I've managed to earn a total of 330k in less than a day worth of playing after all, and not even touching the high Jackpot shots rewards of 150k or 350k . Rambling aside, here are some of my guidances, and tricks regarding the coin pusher gameplay: Try to play everyday, if you can. The most opportunistic way of playing it is when you run out of stamina and are waiting for it to refill. It's a good pass-time (in my opinion). You will earn daily challenges, and while the amounts are not substantial they can make that difference when you need a couple thousand coins for x reward exchange. Take advantage of the slot rate up events, they might seem insignificant but they boost your playthrough quite a lot as you'll be more likely to land on matching rolls. Avoid throwing the coins towards the sides of the pusher (left and right), as the coins that pass through the slime will push the other coins towards the side waste pits rather than forward to the reward pit in front of you. Maximise your middle throws like in this linked video, when the pusher comes forward. Maximise your roll count, especially prior to a boss battle; the reason why is that at high count and always putting more guarantees the slot rolling fast, it does by default. By the time you get an extra slot the machine might have already run 2 if it wasn't a match. As for the boss battle, having a max count lets you not worry about the combat much and focus on pushing the coins to earn them, the turns are slow enough to maximise and keep it high througout the fight. This mini-game requires mostly all of your attention, from my experience 30 seconds or more of inattention destabilised my playthrough because of the rolls quickly running out. The big money comes mostly from chests and bosses, for chests not so much if you make a lot of coins fall on the sides. But bosses are pretty generous especially with a Jackpot shot. Following up the previous point, make sure to rush to bosses, now knowing the stats of befriended monsters you can predict whether you are going to survive in one battle against the likes of Malroth and Zoma. You should be aiming for jackpot shots and try your best to get timing with the tapping. Rush the coin pusher when you are about to deal with Malroth, Zoma and Dragonlord2 because of their board effect most of your coins on it will be gone, you want them to fall and be earned as much before they whip out their super skills. Take advantage of the coin bag, treasure chests and monster while rolls. The reason is simple; they push significantly more coins than a single one, plus the treasure chests and bags will spread coins so the push will be evenly. When those happen you don't need to throw coins for one small back and forth of the pusher to get coins forward falling. If you are on the premium coin pusher like me, be extra careful with your throw coins, everything is tripled including those. With treasure chests, bags and following my guidance your coin count should be stagnating, if not slightly get higher by only the hundreds. Hopefully this small pseudo-guide will be helpful to any gadabout seeker! I plan to update it whenever I find out about more stuff (what I missed due to RNG, rather) or to correct myself. And here's hoping that future updates won't ruin the meta that took me so much time taking notes of, although extra bosses and monsters would be very welcome. -------------------------- immediate edit: fixed some typos
  4. I mostly draw characters, unfortunately I don't have a tablet anymore, I'm getting one soon and will be posting some in the fan art forum!
  5. ohhhh I am interested! Can you send me a private message about it?
  6. Hello, I am a new member of the forum. I've been using woodus for a decade (thank you so much admin!!!!) and more but it never crossed my mind to get an account and be active there . Introducing myself; I am Miel (this is my real name, I struggle sticking with usernames so I stopped using them haha), I am a 2d artist mainly in the character design/concept art/illustration segment and I write sometimes too. Hopefully I will be able to make some fan art and share it around here, whenever I have free time to do so! Been a passionate fan of DQ since I was 9 (coincidentally with DQIX, that came out right before my 10th birthday ), then branched out to play all the legacy games from I to VII + spinoffs (still have not played VIII despite having it on the 3DS, and XI-S on my switch...). My favourite main games are DQIX, DQVII & DQIV, and my favourite spinoffs Rocket Slime, Monster Joker 2 and Stars. I kind of stopped playing DQ games at some point (I call it the "DQX effect & games not getting localised", between 2013 to around 2018), but I have been slowly getting back into it as of the past 2 years (thanks to DQIX again), hence finally the creation of this account. I'm starting to get addicted to DQS but that's just a side effect of the game being too good for the platform it's on. I love slimes and I hope you do too (especially the merch, I crave it) . Hopefully this is good enough of an introduction, it is a pleasure to meet fellow Dragon Questers!! Also thank you so much again for this website, I would not be that much of a Dragon Quest fan because of how scarce information about it is in the West, especially my country.
  7. hello, I'm new to the forum as well, trying to make friends! my ID is AHQMQN7373 and the displayed name should be miel like here happy to meet fellow questers!
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