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  1. new dump! i'll add captions along with a title to spice the read a little! DQotS Gadabout Doodle doodle of my DQotS character reaffirming and proud of being a gadabout main. People around love the drops, and it's fun to make your battles luck based. (Based off the lovely DQIII manual art) Think of Thy Platty Children This one is an inside joke within the Den's discord, because for context Bluestar encou
  2. merry christmas! (spent 30 minutes on this, but i don't regret it )
  3. Hi! in the introduction forum I have mentioned that I'm an artist (more like a hobbyist with a professional level but makes no money from it), and since I'm going to start making DQ fanart moving forward I felt like making a thread that I will continuously update whenever I make new art . Consider this thread as my art dump, or something along those lines, thank you for passing by! Also, I will feel free to take anyone's suggestion or comment as an idea to be drawn in the future, but this isn't a request thread . I didn't really know what to do first to introduce my art, so
  4. Thank you so much!!!! updates: I got Gadabout yesterday, very fun! I will point out that the EXP requirement is extremely steep, right now I'm at level 17 and I need 26k EXP to move on to the next level, which is the equivalent of what you need for advanced vocations around the 60-70 level mark I believe. Having Fun is basically a Hocus Pocus, the effects are completely random, from useless quirky moves, to releasing kacrack and other attacks/spells and giving buffs. Also, I might have figured a timing with the jackpot spot, about 4 to 5 spots away from where the rou
  5. ahh thank you so much ;w; Ah right! Gooing to add that
  6. Hello! So I've been going super scientific over the coin pusher minigame available in DQotS, and I'm here to share my research . Me, a total crackhead playing this game for at least a 3 days worth of playtime to get gadabout, I'm a third of my way in. At first, I was thinking about making an extensive guide how to play and take advantage of the system, but I can't really at the moment so, that aside, I'm here to share some stats I have gathered instead! Let's start with some miscellaneous facts first: Bosses and befriended monsters attack have a defined single value, yes it means t
  7. I mostly draw characters, unfortunately I don't have a tablet anymore, I'm getting one soon and will be posting some in the fan art forum!
  8. ohhhh I am interested! Can you send me a private message about it?
  9. Hello, I am a new member of the forum. I've been using woodus for a decade (thank you so much admin!!!!) and more but it never crossed my mind to get an account and be active there . Introducing myself; I am Miel (this is my real name, I struggle sticking with usernames so I stopped using them haha), I am a 2d artist mainly in the character design/concept art/illustration segment and I write sometimes too. Hopefully I will be able to make some fan art and share it around here, whenever I have free time to do so! Been a passionate fan of DQ since I was 9 (coincidentally with
  10. hello, I'm new to the forum as well, trying to make friends! my ID is AHQMQN7373 and the displayed name should be miel like here happy to meet fellow questers!
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