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  1. I play dqx on the Trial Version and I was wondering how I can get Asfeld Academy? Also the school uniform outfits look cool xD
  2. so I put the download code on the eshop then I can download the full version of the game? Same with what does registration code do? I played the free trial aswell.
  3. I'm going to order the product version of dqx soon and I play dqx on switch. But the thing is once I get my code where can I put the code at so I can have access to the full version? Do I have to put my code on the site or in the game? I already have a square enix account.
  4. tbh idk how to give other players friend requests by searching for their id though
  5. So far I Pretty much got the hang of playing DQX but I still need some guidance and help with the story mode. Also I'm on the free trial version in server 09 (which is the newcomer one.) So I will take a screenshot of my characters name and my ID and if anyone wants to play let me know. yeah my characters name is weird but I don't understand Japanese so don't judge xD. Also I'm playing DQX on the Nintendo Switch
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