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  1. I'd love to continue to grow my DQ collection either through repro carts or emulation and was wondering what DQ games are available that have English translations that are fully playable? And for those that have repocarts which system do you recommend that is stable and can play the various fan translations? Also I would consider emulation on my PC as well for those games that do not have repro carts, where would be the best place to look for either?
  2. Hopefully no exclusivity. I would be surprised if it does not come out for PS5 XBOX and PC all on day one.
  3. I'd like them to release HD Remasters of the PS2 ports of DQ VIII and V with all the QoL improvements and additions of the DS/3DS ports. I'd also like Switch ports of IV - VI
  4. It's not so much the need for it to be the best of the best all the time, its just IMO DQ games have some of the best art and character design in any game, period. Largely to the bias of my love for Toriyama's art and the HD cell shaded aesthetic in HD/4K brings the world and characters to life more so than the 16 bit 32 bit era did, IMO.
  5. Whatever console Dragon Quest games land I'll pay that tax. I just hope they keep the quality consistent with the series I love.
  6. I understand all the points you made and agree with most but in NO way does XI S look better docked or undocked than Vanilla on Pro. Certain areas like inside the painting fighting Dora in Gray look fine but outside areas like Champ Sauvage look choppy even docked.
  7. I love the 32 bit presentations of 1-6. I was really impressed with how good the Switch ports of 1-3 look, But I was even more impressed with how XI looked on my PRO(same with Heroes + Builders 1 and 2) and VIII emulated on my PC. So I guess I spoiled myself.
  8. Thankfully Smash seems to have brought more attention to the series than even XI S did which is surprising. I hope the interest keeps up I'd love for more releases and am looking forward to the new ones. I don't mean to come off as negative, I love my Metal Slime 3DS and Lotto Switch but I am damn tired of buying Nintendo console for one series lol Because it should not be the foundation for the "Definitive Edition"
  9. No, I know its not Nintendo fault, I just don't understand the logic or desire for SE to bend over backwards for Nintendo's install base.
  10. I've played both, emulated PS2 looks significantly better and I love the extra content of the 3DS version, just wish it was in an HD remaster or something similar, instead of only on the 3DS which looks extremely dated. If its good for you great but it could be significantly better if they just tried. I want the fan base to grow and the Nintendo install base is not the place for DQ to continue to grow nor is it the appropriate console to release the "Definitive Edition". It what world does it make sense for the Vanilla to look better than the Definitive Edition, its a joke. I don't mean to ran
  11. Well DQ V on PS2 is the best presentation of the game, same with DQ VIII and DQ XI yet if you want the most complete experience your forced to play the DS 3DS ports which in DQ VIII case looks hideous. And having played XI S and Vanilla on 4 PRO 4K, Vanilla is superior in every category of presentation other than sound mix. And now we are getting XI S but we're forced to suffer with less than stellar assets? Its ridiculous to have to jump through these hoops just to placate a specific user base.
  12. I've personally lost patience with DQ games graphically hindering themselves for Nintendo consoles. Stick with Sony or PC. Nintendo's install base is not worth the time or effort.
  13. Well I understand the assets will still be low detail the official FAQ stated that the Resolution and FPS will be the same as what was capable in Vanilla.
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