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  1. Just in case you haven’t found out from the Discord yet, I opened up my old save and checked whether you could scout the 4-slot monsters if you’ve already scouted one before, and it turns out you can. I also checked whether they respawn if you currently have the monster in your storage, and there doesn’t seem to be a limit of how many you can own at one time (you just get a lower scout percentage the more of the same monster you have). For example, after a few tries I was able to scout a second Stalagosaur.
  2. That's good to know about the markers, thanks for letting me know! I've installed the patch without the MT text and the reactor shows the skills now. I've played through the game a few times already without any patch so I'm not too bothered about some text being in Japanese, since being able to read some dialogue is a bonus. The resistances didn't change but like you said it's relatively minor, so no issues there. As for the transfer crash, unfortunately I have no idea how you might fix it, but I decided to test the DQMJ3 to DQMJ3P transfer on my 3ds and when I go to select the monster I
  3. For anyone who followed these steps to patch Joker 3 Professional, can I check if you’ve noticed any of these issues in the game? Not sure if it matters but I’m playing v1.3 on a 3ds, and I’ve only played as far as getting your first monster and learning to scout, so not sure if it changes at all going forward. For some dialogue, square brackets ([ ]) will appear at the start and end of the dialogue. Since one appears at the beginning of the text box, it tends to push the text along a bit and some words end up being split across two lines. It also usually ends up needing a second text box
  4. I’ve only played the pro version in Japanese and I’m not sure what the places are called in the English translation, but the metal disc should be found in the ice/snow area. In the first town you go to, there’s a cave you enter with some coffins, and it was either in one of those or somewhere else in that cave. It might be worth looking around there for it.
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