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  1. I guess it depends which Luminary you mean lol. Arusu being a descendant of XI's hero isn't impossible, but I interpreted the ending as meaning that he was the descendant of the Luminary of Legend, Erdwin & Serenica after she travelled back in time to save him.
  2. I'll begin with the easiest aspect: physical appearance. In the entire game, I was only able to find four people with blue hair and blue eyes: Erik, his sister Mia, the Seer, and Morcant. Erik's hair is a frequently noted part of his appearance, notably in the Echo Chamber's rendition of Weaver's Peak, and when afflicted with Shypox. Now I'll look at the connections between these characters and the region of Sniflheim. During the course of the story, we find that Erik and his sister are orphans, with no known family beyond each other, and their Viking guardians/employers/masters. Beyond
  3. As mentioned in the title, this will be looking at major spoilers for the game. Having played XI S in full, I noticed some interesting connections between the characters of Erik and the Seer that I wanted to throw out there, and see if anyone else had any thoughts. As you can see, Morcant is a vital influence in Erik's story, guiding him to meet the Luminary and later return to him, before revealing himself to the party as a whole. I believe that they are related in some way.
  4. Apologies, I misinterpreted and misunderstood some of the information lol. My current understanding is that Mordegon uses the title "Lord of Shadows" regardless, but that his 'Lord of Shadows' form, encountered as the final boss of the main game, is a further corruption of his already tainted form. I now understand that this 'essence of Calasmos' merely allowed the creation of Mordegon from Morcant's rent soul in the first place, as opposed to it existing as an individual entity.
  5. A very late addition that might help build upon this some more lol. The Defeated Monster List describes Mordragon's Tail as "The Sword of Shadows reborn as a brutal, bony dragon." I support the idea that the 'Lord of Shadows' refers to the essence of Calasmos that corrupted Morcant, whilst 'Mordegon' is the end result.
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