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  1. Sorry if this has already been asked, is there a craft or crafts that's considered the most profitable? I'm also getting the impression that alchemy might be one of the more useful ones because it lets you enchant stuff? I'm having a lot of trouble deciding what craft to pick; I'm not used to being forced into just one. >_<
  2. Hey team admin, I was wondering if you could add my two friends to the team. I can vouch that they're cool people and won't cause any trouble, they just want to relax with fellow English speakers. コバルト BF655-065 ムンバ IC348-872 Thanks so much! I've only been playing for a little while and the team has already been so kind and helpful. <3
  3. Is there a way for someone with a PC copy of the game to log into the Switch version and pay for the sub through the eshop? Or do you have to own a Switch copy to do that?
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