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  1. I play the GB ones on my GBA sp and the ds ones on my new 3ds XL. About a month ago I got the Citra emulator working to emulate Dragon Quest Monsters 3d and was having a blast with it! Although setting it up was a pain. I've been taking a slight break as life has gotten in the way though. Glad to still see responses to this form! I really appreciate it.
  2. Update: Everything was going well until the final few steps where the hackingtool decided to stop working as some how .dll files got lost. I am now very burnt out.
  3. All links in that reddit post are give you 404 page not found or Private video. Although this does give me the Idea to decrypt and patch a file myself. Although one of the tools to do that on this tutorial I found is gone. https://gbatemp.net/threads/translation-dragon-quest-monsters-terrys-wonderland-3d.431204/. I did find a replacement though after digging in the comment section. Trying to do it myself now.
  4. No Idea what that means. That could be my problem?
  5. Platty you've done a lot to help me, and at this point I have a few options: I could buy the japanese cart and 3ds so I can actually use Citra's support to figure why the file won't play, a fellow lf mine helped dig up an old tutorial on to patch the game myself but one of the tools' page no longer exists and it's a bit risky to go try and find something because I wouldn't know it when I see it, finally give up on this venture and be content playing the games we do have and maybe try emulating Joker 2.
  6. Hiya! So I have just recently built a lovely new gaming PC and since it's much more pricey I was wondering how safe is citra the emulator? I only want Citra to play the translated Terry's Wonderland 3D as my old PC couldn't run Citra. The only problem is when I went to download the file for the game the website also gave me a strangely named .exe file on my old PC. I know I'm being a bit paranoid but as this computer is not even day old I'm wary trying this again. Can anyone prove some of my concerns wrong? I really just want to play Terry's wonderland. Thank you for you
  7. How long is that speedrun and what does it look like? How are the routes for the other DQM games?
  8. What do you mean by relevant? Is there a tried and true team that I don't know about? What are these powerful monsters?
  9. With it being only $13 there's no excuse to not get this game, thanks Platty as always for being amazing!
  10. Well now I have to find a copy Platty, and definitely have to check out that monster list. While mechanics seem weird at first I bet they'd be refreshing to me. I still gotta get that Joker 2 cartridge as well. Oh, this forum has reignited my want to replay these games and play the main DQ games now too. Guess I could restart my playthrough of DQ2 but that's a little off topic. Edit: I forgot to answer @cprmauldin's question, sorry! I played as Tara in DWM2
  11. Oh, this topic won't stop being active if I have anything to do about it. What's Caravan Heart!? I didn't know there was a DWM game on my favorite system! What's it about, what kind of monsters are in it?
  12. Hello, I'm new here! I found this forum after finally being fed up of inactive discord servers for Dragon Quest Monsters. My history with DQ is mainly on the Monster side as those game are very nostalgic for me. The only other DQ game I've played to completion is the original Dragon Quest for Gameboy. I own DQIX and DQII but I have never finished them. Maybe it's due to the fact rpgs aren't my thing or I just don't have the time to wander the massive World that DQII is (I guess that means Hargon won, oops) I'm just happy to find a community who shares my love for the DQM series and I can alrea
  13. It's been so long that I don't even remember any of the mechanics except breeding. The other question is do I want to use the breeding charts from this website or try to do it blind and discover it myself. The only combo i remember from DQM 1 was a gupple and Metal drak made a metal slime and you could tame both of them in the same world. Then ofc a Metal slime x2 is a Metabble then that times two is Metal King slime then finally Goldslime with 2 metal king slime. That and a lavaman + Iceman is a Gold Golem.
  14. Which do you think I should start with first for this grand replay as I try to enjoy this lovely franchise again? I'm leaning towards the Gameboy games as the fact about metal slimes not being able to be bred or caught without endgame stuff in Joker frustrates me greatly. I know that could be unreasonable and unbalanced but it still frustrates me.
  15. Thank you for welcoming me to the Forum! I should just replay all these games but I find it nowadays it gets harder and harder for me to start as, like all rpgs, the grind can wear me down. It makes sad too because I have such fond memories with these games. My brother and I used to play DWM together and one of the best moments was when we're trying to tame a lavaman from another tamer. We were literally on the edge of our seats and cheered when it came over to our side after the duel had ended. Our reward for our efforts was to breed it with Iceman for the amazing Gold Golem. I do feel a lil
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