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  1. I waaaaant to!! I love card games. My first one was Gwent, spent close to 500 hours in it, yeah... I plan to dive deep into Yu-Gi-Oh at some point but I'm in no rush. Also Hearthstone. But if DQ Rivals was to be fan-patched or officially localized, I'd probably end up spending a lot of time in it.
  2. So, what were the news? They showed DQ Rivals but it wasn't in Jump, then they showed Monsters mobile port but again, it was live-stream, not Weekly Jump. The issue was supposed to be out on August 3rd, no?
  3. This really makes me want to get a Nendoroid of Yuusha of the Bring Arts figure. I'm resisting....... Lord, give me strength..... resisting... I'd probably get these already if not for the fact that I live in bad environment now and there's too much heat here. The figures don't like heat and it would be sad to see them loose color, etc.
  4. I doubt we'll get any announcements at all. They already revealed the mobile port of that DQ Monsters game on 3DS which we never got localized or fan-translated, so that covers the Monsters; DQ Builders 3 - I think it's too soon and we won't see it until at least a few years into PS5 generation, Heroes 3 is possible but I don't think it'll happen considering that they are making that Dai game which seems to be action-heavy. I doubt we'll get any announcements related to Dragon Quest. There were rumors about FF XVI being PS5 exclusive and it makes sense, then there's FF VII Remake Part 1
  5. My heart skipped MANY beats when I saw Dragon Quest announcement on the day with Xbox presentation. I thought they'd be localizing DQ X but oh well... didn't happen x____x I've been playing both Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey recently. If you still haven't played either, I suggest to play, they're very good. Though, I dropped both games x_x Blue Dragon is fun and has really good gameplay, very creative and embraces its turn-based combat, quirkiness... but it gets kind of repetitive and pointless quickly, at least to me. Lost Odyssey was the same - I liked it so much at first then
  6. At this point, I'm sure they will want to make it at least on both Switch 2 and PS5. But then again, Nintendo has no reason to make new hardware anytime soon. I think Switch is at the middle point of its cycle and we have at least 2 years until the next Nintendo console. 3DS was still getting big games back in 2018. What I see happening, though, is Nintendo might make Switch Pro. New 3DS had a good amount of exclusive titles, so who knows... I just don't think Nintendo would jump on the next-gen train right now but they can't just be underpowered when all of the PS5/Xbox games will get more te
  7. I'm glad they are making Definitive for PC, even if it's a Switch port with worse graphics. All I really want is for it to have 60fps, that's all. I'm picky when it comes to framerate and I've been getting headaches playing it on PS4... so, I've been hesitant about starting over on Switch version despite wanting to see the new content. I'll gladly purchase the game again, though. It's worth way more than 60$! What bothers me is that the Xbox port might not be profitable. I mean, DQ by itself has a low chance of being profitable on Xbox, a platform which barely has any JRPG on it,
  8. Thanks. I've decided to not get the original CC (remastered) because it mostly seems like an action game intended for multiplayer. Which is fine but I'd rather play Echoes of Time and Rings instead :3
  9. It does look like Musou, honestly. Which is.. eh, it's alright. I'm okay with unique Musou games, like DQ Heroes which had some fun ideas or Attack on Titan Musou, Berserk was ok but a little too much of the same. One Piece Musou, Gundam, Fist of the North Star, Arslan.. what else? They were all kind of bland. Wish devs would experiment more. But Musou can be ok.
  10. Visitors I see! 🤗

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    2. ShonenKokoro


      Thanks ^-^
      Yeah, I like Theathrytm, they're essentially the ode to FF/DQ music and I do think these two series have the best music in Japanese games, if not all games. Wish DQ Theatrytm would have been localized but oh well, there's not much of a story anyway 😛

      Torneko 2 - yeah, I was very surprised to see it because I was curious if there's anything like "Chocobo Dungeon" but for DQ... and there is. And I did see Young Yangus but decided not to play it because there's not English patch :( I get confused in translated games, let alone untranslated haha ))) I could try to play it with a translator program but I bet it'd be uncomfortable... hoping there will be a patch one day.


      Thanks for the recommendation ^_^


    3. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      If you understand Torneko and you have a bit of patience, you can play Young Yangus. It's the same type of game.


      I tried translating Theatrhythm Dragon Quest but a bunch of English letters are missing from the game's font and I can't find it to replace it.

      My patch also managed to crash Citra, but it works (besides missing letters) on real hardware.

      I've got to have at least a quarter of the game's text translated though, despite it not displaying properly.

    4. ShonenKokoro


      Oh, really? That's very admirable that you tried to translate it for everyone :) Luckily, the game seems to be identical to FF T., so if you play that one, you can understand what is what. Maybe you could write a guide and just explain what's where? 


      Yeah, it looks like Citra isn't reliable. I'm a little worried about the preservation of Nintendo games and a little sad that as a company, they don't do much to make sure all games will be playable for future generations. They're already shutting off 3DS and Wii U online services in some countries, and if that wasn't enough - people who purchased digital games can't redownload them. It's such a bad move :( I'm not wealthy but I try to support my favorite games by purchasing them, and most of my games are digital so it's not fun to see Nintendo doing that when they could easily keep like a few small servers running for people to redownload the games they purchased. Same goes for patches and DLC.

      What do you think about it?

      I'm glad the Internet manages to preserve games, though. 


      Also about Torneko... I've played Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX yesterday and then tried Chocobo Mystery Dungeon. Sadly, I didn't really like them :< So, I'll probably remove Torneko from my list. The gameplay was a little too slow for me.

  11. Voice-overs? Was the original game silent? I'll probably be playing it without any voices, depends on how good the Japanese are and if the option for original voice acting is there... Seems like a great game, though. At this point seeing little games like Crystal Chronicles or Chocobo Dungeon is just a huge surprise and miracle. Wonder what's the NA price. Probably 39.99 or 49.99 like trials of mana. P.S. Just checked the J. voices - they sound a little too stereotypical, so I'll probably just keep the voices muted. Rings of Fate had a fantastic voice team. Is it f
  12. XI. I was browsing a news website and didn't really think about it much, just saw the news about it, then the trailer and got it day one. My main worry (and one of the reasons why I almost didn't purchase it) was that the game did not have Japanese voice-overs + English subtitles option, or any J. voice-over in the first place. I kept thinking how should I play it since I generally dislike English voice-acting (especially in Japanese games) and eventually decided to play with the voices off, the way it released in Japan. I'm happy I chose that way. That's where I started and fell in
  13. Aren't the first three games less story-heavy than IV and the next titles? There might not be enough of the story for them to do that. But if you want a good DQ anime (apart from Dai), I strongly recommend DQ Your Story movie on Netflix. The story starts off simple and it's a light adaptation of DQ V but the way things unfold... it's a very beautiful anime. Worth to watch at least to see CGI slimes XD
  14. I wish they'd just join this game with the new DQ Monsters and make one bigger title instead of what appears to be a hack and slash with low budget and instead of leaving DQ Monsters in development pit. And action side? There's always Heroes sub-series, I'm sure the third one is already in the makings for PS5. Or they could make the next DQ Heroes like a "what-if" kind of thing where it follows the events of the anime but something happens and Dai gets joined by the characters from other DQ games. Or even make two story-lines: one that'd be short and "what-if" with previous DQ characters and o
  15. Well, MMO are always a social experience, the combat is never the main point of them, so if you don't like the idea of meeting new players online - it's just not made for you, no need for hate. As for the combat, MMORPG are known as being addictive because the combat is often built in such a way that would make you want more and more and unlike other games, it's more about performing the same task with little variation. Is it bad? Depends on how you look at it. Shooters are essentially the same: move > aim > shoot > reload > repeat > maybe get a new weapon but what makes shooter
  16. I'm somewhat new to fighting games and my first one was SoulCalibur 6. Well, technically my first fighting games were Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter which I've played when I was younger... but since I barely learned those and just mashed buttons, I say SC6 is my first "real" fighting game experience. I spent so much time in it and it taught me a few valuable lessons, made me want to learn fighting systems in other games and helped me to like games more. I definitely see SC series as my favorite fighting game. After SoulCalibur I started exploring the genre... ended up really disliking
  17. I've started a few games: God of War - I did not expect it to have such a good story, especially having played the previous games which were all nothing but death and gore. The game is just so much different now... I'd even say that I don't regret playing the previous games when I was younger, just because I can see how the series has changed with this game compared to the old ones. Fantastic story, combat is simple but engaging and deep, everything is intuitive and feels perfectly crafted. Sakura Wars - it went on discount, so I thought now's the best time to get it, considering that I
  18. Quote

    "Interests: hating work"

    Oh boy, I know the feeling! XD

    Work is the Devil's doing!! :{:laugh:

  19. Yeah, I like both Heroes. The story was surprisingly good (compared to other Musou/Warriors games) and I think it could be because of Yuji Horii's involvement? Usually Musou games have bad stories but DQ Heroes was great. Hopefully I'm wrong about this Dai game..
  20. I want something related to DQ Builders and of course XI. A retro mode with Secret of Mana-like combat and visuals would be pretty fun, too but I think it could be too difficult to implement. They definitely need to do something creative in regards to DQ Builders 1-2.
  21. I think your best bet would be to constantly monitor Yahoo Japan auctions and websites like Mandarake, that's where they sell these things. Ebay is ok, too but I think Japanese don't use it much. Yahoo auctions should have it.
  22. It sounds like entitlement to me. It's like with Final Fantasy where some go toxic and run around screaming "FF 8 sucks! FF 13 sucks! Characters suck, writing sucks, everything sucks.." etc, etc... and yet these games sell millions. Franchises like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy would not exist if they did not have a certain mark of quality. It's important to be open-minded and to try to appreciate the game but sadly people jump on the hate train as soon as: 1) they see a character with whom they don't want to identify and who they don't want to understand; 2) if they are asked to appre
  23. Surprised nobody mentioned Yakuza: Like a Dragon. The main hero actually says he likes Dragon Quest and the game makes numerous little jokes / references towards Dragon Quest. Very excited and very happy that they will be having turn-based combat in this new Yakuza installment. Sega is just the best it has ever been right now... I'd even say that they have all the means of going back to console making business.
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