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  1. I agree, though I'll add that games should ship with English (if they're made in Japan) and other Multi-5 languages only if the creators of the game are okay with it and it's not too expensive for them to do a dub. As for not understanding Japanese, you can get used to it pretty quickly. I mean, if that's what you think, I honestly think it will be better for you to move to games such as Dota 2 and Counter-Strike - everyone speaks English there, no need to think and it's just a good old "chill time". Every hobby requires work and open-mindedness, you're just missing out if this i
  2. 0.4 version is out! Menus are at 84% and story is at 6%. They're trying to fix the dialogue boxes issue now. Hopefully this translation will succeed ^_^
  3. I've been lucky to start playing JRPG at a time when virtually every major JRPG you can think of was undubbed or had official support for the original Japanese voice-acting + English subtitles. Overall I think most English dubs for games and anime are pretty terrible (with some exceptions) but Japanese isn't perfect, of course. The massive problem with Japanese voice-acting (especially nowadays) is that it has that Hollywood syndrome of hiring the same famous actors that pretty much play "Brad Pitt" or "Arnold Schwarzenneger" in every role. But usually Japanese voice-acting has a certain mark
  4. Has anyone played Raidou 1-2? I've been trying to play both of them last Sunday and was extremely bored. The dialogue, presentation and story were good but everything else very subpar. Gameplay is kind of nice... but extremely repetitive. Random encounters happen everywhere, even in the towns so if you're going to buy medicine or bullets, you can loose all your progress just because the fight started right next to the item seller. The fights themselves are okay but do get very repetitive as you encounter only a couple enemies for a long time. The objectives are also very unclear and the
  5. I'm positive that the majority of Fire Emblem players care more about sexual exploits of the cast than gameplay or story, so it's probably just the demand. It's just how the series is and a lot of people say "Awakening is to blame" - it's not, it was always like this, just more subtle. But anyway, I actually think Fates is the best in the series. It's heavy on that waifu/husbando thing, no doubt, but the story was good, the choice of who to follow is also great and gameplay is as expected. I'll try Three Houses again, it went on sale so I'll try it... not sure if I will like it, though.
  6. There's a lot of DLC for it, though. I am usually not that much into DLC but Royal has music, costumes, bosses from previous Persona games. I ended up getting Ultimate Edition.
  7. Right when I started playing Joker 3 I haven't gotten far, though. Thanks for the patch. It's basically all that was translated for Joker 3 but with untraslated Professional content? I wonder if it'll cause any bugs... I've read that Professional not only has more monsters and maps but also post-game content and story, so I imagine it will be difficult to finish the translation. Also is it 1.02 version of English patch?
  8. I already discarded the message but it's not a big deal, don't worry. The message I was typing got bugged out and I couldn't send it.. I'm a little too lazy to try to rewrite it, sorry But I wanted to share this youtuber with you, Andrew Klavan. He makes a lot of commentary and videos about censorship in USA. He's mostly doing political commentary but he also does cultural stuff sometimes, so I suggest checking him out. He's a part of "Daily Wire", conservative set of channels and he's my favorite person in that group. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyhEZKz-LOwgktptEOh6_
  9. Oh, so someone is still working on the offline version? I thought it was turned off. Interesting. I hope it'll succeed. I wish the translators were more open to receiving donations. I don't have much money but I could try to 30-50$ to support the translation of my favorite games, especially if it's done by someone who has good credits (like the people who translated Slime Mori 3). Yeah, I doubt it would happen, too. MMORPG just feel very lonely if you play them without people running around, especially bigger MMO. I honeslty can't imagine FF XIV without all the different characters that a
  10. If this succeeds, it'll be pretty much just Dragon Quest X that's not localized in any way. Out of the big games, I mean. I know there's a few more here and there but I mean only the big ones. Hopefully they haven't abandoned the idea for offline version. I think they might be taking their time because FF XI could use an offline version, too. There was some talk about the mobile version, so maybe that will lead to something...
  11. I see, that's a shame. Thanks for the message.
  12. Tomb Raider, Hitman, Sleeping Dogs aren't unique, they're just a rehash of someone else's ideas and what's "hip". I've made this joke on my FF XV review but basically I see Matsuda and the current heads of Square Enix as these grandpas who are dressed in street attire and want to appear "hip" and "modern" to the "cool kids". Tomb Raider - it's Uncharted copy-paste. The story is just your regular Hollywood and the gameplay is Uncharted with a few small twists. Sleeping Dogs - GTA but with much less quality and most importantly - without the writing and pedantism of Rockstar Games. No
  13. I'm currently playing FF XIV. About to start the first DLC, just leveled up classes as I'm still not sure which to play... almost settled on Dark Knight but would like to try the rest. I haven't played much at all in the last few months... haven't watched anime, too. Personal reasons.
  14. Square Enix used to do so many different kinds of games... Mana series in particular was a good example of how different their games could be: there is one RTS Mana game, one dungeon crawling game, one very unique JRPG with beautiful hand-drawn backgrounds, one that's an action RPG... the list can go on. Then there's Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics Ogre with the tactical combat. Nowadays Square doesn't seem to experiment much. I was very shocked when I've read how much money they've spent on Marvel's Avengers game (100 million!) and it did not give them any profit, apparently. I looked up
  15. I wrote a reply but it doesn't let me send it, not sure what's wrong.
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