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  1. Seems like I succeed to set up a vpn for the Switch and succeeded to play the game! However I have two questions, I'm using the ether vpn on my switch with easy play, though I wanted to change the vpn ip adress because it seems that with thos vpn it's often changing and only a few have maybe good connection, so when I changed the ip adress, the game made me like a new game whitout my previous character ! Is there a way to keep the same ip adress forever with this vpn ? Otherwise how should I do to keep the same ip adress forever ? Or maybe it's better to create an account ? But then the game is not anymore free to play foe initial content ?
  2. Thank you for your reply ! Actually I just started to make it work on pc, though I would really be so happy to enjoy it on the Switch too ! It works so well on pc, but I jus don't know how to set the vpn I use to be linked to the switch so that I can play the game, I'm really a noob about this and don't know much. So a step by step tutorial would be so kind.
  3. Hello there, nice to meet you ! I just signed up here because I really want to play Dragon Quest 10 for a long time and thought it would be great to try it. I'm european and I'm unfortunately hurting a wall now because, I intsalled softether application, however I don't know how to access connection of the VPN on my swtich and don't find any good information online. If someone would be kind enough to set up my connection for playing the game on my switch, it would be really much apreciated. Thank you in advance and have a nice day everyone.
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