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  1. Quest21


    Yo Questers, just Quest here with a few queries. As of the end of March of this year, I've been unable to log into my DQX account for whatever reason, being shown 2 error messages while attempting to get into the game. Now recently I've found out that the first one is to do with the game being opened in another window, which I'm not sure where that could be necessarily, I've looked through Task-manager on my computer to no avail and as for the second one, I'm not sure entirely on what it means. So if anyone could plz lend me a hand or perhaps some advice as to where to go , that'd be much appreciated, thanks. I'll post the 2 images down below for you to take a look at.
  2. Yo guys, I'm not sure whether it's the same error, but after receiving the 5.5 update, I have been unable to access the login screen for the game and it instead comes up with the below message. I'm not sure what exactly it means, but if someone could please give me and everyone else here an idea, it would be greatly appreciated .
  3. I'd personally recommend Playasia for your V5 purchase, imports are their speciality, but as for the rest I'm unsure sorry.
  4. Yo guys, just Quest here as of late I've managed to finish all of the trial content (V1-2.3) and am looking to purchase a membership, having already purchased the Webmoney to do so. However keeping this in mind, I'm unsure of what would be the best method to purchase it through the PC, considering the last time I tried to purchase an account through my Japanese SE account with Chrysta but that for some reason didn't work and I had wasted money. I believe it might be because I didn't have my VPN switched on at the time of purchase, so it didn't go through, but I thought it'd be a good idea just to double check this assertion, as I don't want to have wasted money on this game again.
  5. Just to ask have you seen the little speaker icon in the corner of the launcher and if so is that crossed out, because if it is the audio would be disabled in the game too. You would need to click on that and make sure it's on, hope this helps.
  6. Yo guys, I really don't want to push this issue, but it's nearly been a month and it's important to my continuation in playing the game, so if I could get some sort of guidance on this, that'd be great, thanks.
  7. Ok, but this is the screen I get every time I try to log into my account-
  8. Carrying on from this (pertaining to my previous question), how would you activate your membership once it's been purchased, because I've payed for my account with Chrysta and have gotten the confirmation of said payment and as such would like to know how I'd be able to start using it. I also happen to be running out of my time in the trial tonight, so it'd be nice to know, thanks.
  9. Yo guys I'm sure this question has been answered already, but I have to ask; is there a cap of level 80 for all trial players, because I've managed to complete the LV 85 Cap Quest, but it's not allowing me to level up past 80.
  10. Yo Questers, I'm currently trying to complete Quest 312 for the Melsandy story-line in Version 2.1, however I've run into a bit of a road-block in terms of the fact that I don't know where I'm able to purchase berries as a player on the trial, I mean my membership activates tomorrow, but does anyone have any idea where I'd be able to find some plz, thanks.
  11. Yo guys, at this point in time I'm currently trying to do Quest 008, I've managed to track down the monster I needed to get the Happy Splashies from, but I can't find where I need to go to talk to the guy afterwards, if any of you have an idea as to where I would need to go to continue this quest that'd be appreciated, thanks. I'll post a pic of the quest below.
  12. Yeah I figured that out, I guess the strength of the JP VPN connection I was using, wasn't that strong. But all's ok now.
  13. I assume this will have something to do with the server's being down, but could I ask what the below message means.
  14. Never mind, it looks like their installing the patch for V5.2, it's currently installing on my account, because I purchased the V1-5 Collection.
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