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  1. None of that was necessary when setting up a Square Enix account on the Switch. Not an address, not a name and surname in Japanese. None of it. It was simply: username, email, password. I typed it all in English. Took less than a minute.
  2. No idea about VPN, but I had a similar issue with trying to play on my Switch and Switch Lite. I couldn't play on both, even with the same Nintendo username and such. I finally bit the bullet and signed up for a SE account. I was then able to sign in and play for free on both my Switch and Lite Switch. It was also still free, as I believe many others have said something like all content up to V2 is free. I did this after beating the V1 boss and then switched Switches and it was fine.
  3. Bienvenidos! You're pretty much right where I am. I haven't tried it yet because I've been an ogre for 20 hours, so it was nice being human again, but from what I gather, it's an option at churches. On a funny side note, I stood outside the house where I was made human again for a good 5-10 minutes laughing as people spawned just standing in their underwear. Silly funny!
  4. I appreciate the answer. I swore I saw people Zooming in to the front doors of towns!
  5. Found it! https://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/public/playguide/switchtrial_1_kantan
  6. I asked yesterday about continuing playing DQX on a different Switch because of how I started with easy play. Turns out that IS a thing! https://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/public/playguide/switchtrial_1_kantan How careful do I need to be making a Japanese SE account on my Switch? Do I need to have my Switch connected to a VPN? Do I need to enter a Japanese name and address?
  7. Just checking to make sure there's no Zoom spell or other quick travel method I'm missing. I'm still in V1.0 I have that stone and can't set it to 2 locations, but those are typically a ways away from cities, so helpful, but not close. I have the floating seguay thing to "walk" faster. Are there Chimera wings or something like that to get back to cities fast?
  8. So you were playing without an SE account? I think they call that a guess account. I have no idea how you would carry over character data that way, then. Sorry. Yes. I just followed along with Austin of the Dragon Quest FM's suggestions: https://geektogeekmedia.com/geekery/dragonquestaustin/how-to-play-dragon-quest-x-in-america-on-nintendo-switch-for-free/
  9. That quest was SO SO SO important to do. I was quickly falling behind (or really way ahead) of my random party members and needed some better people. How convenient 7 years after launch those of us starting on V1 can so quickly level up and get great party members for free at the taverns!
  10. Likely you've never run into this issue, but maybe you have some advice on the fix. I started playing on the Switch, but wanted to move my game to my Switch Lite. I transferred over my Nintendo user data using the Switch's system of doing so, but when I went to log in I got an error message. I haven't signed up for a SE account yet, could that perhaps be the solution to making sure I can play it on my 2nd Switch?
  11. Ugh, that stinks. I haven't even thought about touching that cosmetic gear aspect yet as I don't have a firm enough grasp of many other things. Sorry to hear about that!
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