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  1. Those late game dungeons gave me amnesia which made me forget a lot of the story. Kinda like what used to happen to me when playing Fire Emblem games. Your brain spends so much energy just trying to make it through the game and you completely forget why you're even doing anything from an in game perspective.
  2. Yeah I started a Golden Deer run not too recently. I wanna try to recruit as much blue lions as I can so they won't die~
  3. Do I have to watch the original Dai anime or manga before this?
  4. What the #$*! is cheeseburger soup?
  5. Also the announcer and some other characters in Octogonia have US accents.
  6. I'm not necessarily trying to argue that Pateron would be better for anime, just that we shouldn't be in this situation where some people need to be pirates because the legal streaming services are awful. We should be given a service that's actually good so we wouldn't have to. Would you really want to watch Dai No Daibouken if it was running on a glitchy player and the subs have a million errors that the guys at crunchyroll refuse to fix?
  7. Fighting Zoma was made feel so much pain and suffering, but actually getting the final blow after all of my RNG savescumming made me feel feel absolute inner peace. DQIII is tied with DQIX for best worldbuilding IMO.
  8. I don't really like this person's content in general but this video is on point. Just torrent the episodes.
  9. 1. In the DQ1 remakes the game doesn't have the system where your name decides your growths but instead your growths are fixed. What are the stats for the max level hero in these versions? 2. Where can I find all the dialogue for the NES version? Specifically I need to find King Lorik's dialogue whenever you load your game. It's for something "important".
  10. Reading European literature is so hard. You're constantly bombarded with 20 words that you don't understand. I wanna read Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh and the first Discworld novel but it's impossible. I find it kinda sad that Dragon Quest games haven't helped with this. Is there a guide online for understanding Brit and Scot dialects?
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