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  1. My team consists of: Roto the honest hero, Lauren the honest mage, Lothar the eager warrior, and Gwaelin the alert cleric.
  2. I just started playing DQIII and I thought it was super fun despite not even entering combat yet. But I had to stop because I don't know what classes I should choose to make a good party. I don't want to make a shitty one so I need some advice. Which classes should I choose?
  3. Visitors I see! 🤗

    1. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      I see you have Torneko 2 as well as Theatrhythm. You have good taste, both of these are very much underrated, even among DQ fans. (Torneko 1 is better though!)

      You should try Young Yangus if/when you have a chance. It's lots of fun.

  4. I have: ・Dragon Quest V (DS) ・Dragon Quest IX ・A pirated burnt cd of Dragon Quest IV (PSX) Though I really want Dragon Quest VIII (3DS) and that Toriyama artbook. Also a copy of the Famicom version of DQ3.
  5. I keep hearing people say DQ5 is the greatest game in the universe but I honestly don't agree so far. I'm on the prologue and god, does it feel bloated and pointless. The arcs in the prologue are so uninteresting and seemingly so unimportant it makes my head spin. I thought I was free when the haunted house arc was done and the actual was story was gonna get set up, but nope, I have to save the fairies now I guess. Does anyone else dislike the prologue?
  6. My dream DQ anime is one that adapts the first 3 DQ games in a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure-esque way where the series is split into parts that depicts the story of each protagonist of said games.
  7. I just looked this up and I was wowed by the amount of DQ anime and manga. I'm suprised that there's only one actual adaptation to date.
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