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  1. 1. No idea if it would happen. It would be a good twist. 2. Seems impossible to answer. Both are the only games that get tie-in manga. 3. Maybe. 4. I heard Phantasy Star III is awful lol. 8. I'm not far enough in the game to figure that out. 9. P U F F P U F F 11. No idea. 13. Slime themed pastries like jelly slimes or something.
  2. Happy birthday!

    1. ignasia


      Happy Birthday you slick saucy gooman, you! (no homo)

  3. I have my own reasons for preferring Loto/Roto. It has to do with the fact that I've noticed that a lot of "legendary heroes" IRL tend to have simplistic/short or mononymous names like "Joan of Arc". Loto/Roto kinda falls into that trend.
  4. Hey guys I have finally updated the article about the cancelled localization with the info I got from @Dwaine confirming that it does not exist. Sorry for taking so long. It took me a while to get back into the groove of writing articles for that wiki.
  5. First off the SFC version is basically finished. Like it's 99% finished and just has some glitches. Also while the DS version does have some higher res sprites, I and many others think that the SFC version's aethestic is way better. The DQIII remake for SFC also benefits from being similar in look to DQVI. Again, many people agree on this.
  6. https://wccftech.com/3dsen-nes-emulator-brings-new-life-to-final-fantasy-dragon-quest/amp/
  7. My headcanon is that being an hero is seen as a legitimate occupation in universe. It's not something that you drop everything to do, it's something that becomes your form of employment for the time being. IDK if I'm explaining it this enough...
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