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  1. Regardless, that article was compentently written and informative for newcomers.
  2. Funny, I found that article just before clicking on this page.
  3. Ok so today I got my RetroUSB AVS in the mail and I put in my Dragon Quest Famicom cart in and for some reason whenever I try to the load my game with a restoration spell it doesn't work. It's almost like the game doesn't want me to play. What do I do?
  4. Broke: Sans is Ness Woke: Erdrick is Ness I noticed that both DQIII and Earthbound begins with the game telling the protagonist how important they are, and how they abandon their moms when they leave to go on their quest. They also go to towns that are based off of real countries.
  5. I noticed it takes influence from DQ2 specifically with the 3 party limit and focus on collecting a set of macguffins.
  6. That sounds complicated, pricey, and illegal. Also, I'm not 100% how paying for someone else to have sex is revenge. I dunno I hear some people do that so I assumed it was similiar to ordering Dominos where you pay when the deliveryguy when he comes to the house. And I know for a fact that people troll others by sending pizzaguys to come to their house
  7. The best way is getting dox and ordering hookers to the trolls house.
  8. Who's the chick in your avatar?

    1. Mimas


      It's Maam from the Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai remake.

    2. DragonQuest2IsGood
  9. Totally! No wonder he's so endearing.
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