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  1. The PC version of FFIII had the same problem. Just change the font to something smaller like they did.
  2. Yeah Serena is really 1-dimensional and boring compared to her sister who is funny and cool like Sylvando.
  3. I wasn't saying that DQ should adopt this style, I was just being hypothetical.
  4. Yeah whenever I see FFXV combat it reminds me of how the 4 party members in DQXI freely move around in battles and whatnot while staying close to the enemies. The voices and accents in DQXI instantly remind me of what I've heard of FFXV's VA. I'd argue while DQXI's basic premise is simple, you run into a lot of things that make it feel slightly more complex and more akin to a FF game, although it obviously doesn't go deep enough to truly parallel FF.
  5. I started reading the novel "Trainspotting" which is written in this incoherent form a Scottish dialect. I'm genuinely suprised that DQXI hasn't helped me comprehend it.
  6. Actually it's 1-Edelgard, with Edelgard being the worst.
  7. DQXI has time travel and a more complex narrative than before. Also everyone talks like they're from FFXV.
  8. Does anyone else think that DQXI kinda feels like FF?
  9. Ok I beat the Blue Lions route yesterday. #$*! EDELGARD. @eal I found someone more annoying than Maribel;
  10. I got AI: The Somnium Files like 5 days ago and binged it all in 3 days. It was really fun and unique.
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