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  1. OK, looks like I was looking at gear that could only be crafted, which is why I didn’t see where to get it. Thanks!
  2. Thanks, everyone! I’m working on beating Nelgel now, but feel like I’m only scratching the surface of the game. I don’t think I can justify subscribing once I reach the end of the trial, though. So hoping they do a SP version in the future, because it’s a cool world and story. One other question, while I’m here... What’s the best way to farm for updated gear? I expected the Japanese Wiki to give some direction on where I could farm, but I’m not seeing anything. I’m currently a 49 Mage and I’ve seen up level 65 items drop, but nothing I could use.
  3. Hey everyone. I’ve been muddling through the free Switch trial, and just regained my human form. So how do I go back to being an Ogre? Pretty sure he said I could be either.
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