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  1. Welcome to DD team csula! I have been playing DQX for a month and even though I can't play as much as I'd like due to real life stuff, I love this game to the point I upgraded from free trial to full version just after a couple weeks playing it. Also DD team mates are always nice and up to either help members or answering any question you could have regarding game, since sometimes the language barrier can be a problem because as you can see most of the in game content if not all are in japanese. Anyway it's always glad to hear more new members are joining DD and I hope to see you in game! ãĶんし = Tenshi
  2. Hi there! Most (if not all) DD team are english speakers and since SE finally lifted the no japanese IP ban, more U.S. gamers had joined the game so at least on the team chat the language barrier shouldn't be a problem. I hope you can join our team and see you in game! 😁👍ðŸŧ
  3. I heard that Nintendo Switch and PC versions are subscription compatible, I mean you can play on PC and later play on Nintendo Switch or viceversa, but in my experience since I started on Nintendo Switch, I couldn't access the buy a ticket option through eShop until I upgraded to full version, so my guess is that you have to buy at least the basic DQX package (version 1-3) to upgrade the free trial version in order to pay through the Nintendo eShop which by the way is awsome because I linked my american paypal account to my eShop and I can buy my vouchers using paypal now.
  4. Hi DragonWarrior92! I'm sharing with you the link of the tutorial guide I used to set up my japanese eShop and Square Enix accounts in order to download and play Dragon Quest X on my Nintendo Switch. I hope it helps you: https://geektogeekmedia.com/geekery/dragonquestaustin/how-to-play-dragon-quest-x-in-america-on-nintendo-switch-for-free/
  5. Like Goldylox quoted before me, I'd suggest you to better create a japanese Square Enix account so you can sure that your on game progress get saved since it seens easy play isn't that reliable speacially if you'll be upgrading to full version or switching consoles in the future, so my advice will be to create a japanese SE account now since it isn't that hard since you just have to type your name and surname twice (once in katakana and once in harinaga/kanji characters) and regarding a japanese address and zip code there are plenty of random japanese addresses/zip codes that you can find on google and even though google translate is not that good it helped me a lot to set up my japanese SE account and figure out what to type in order to complete it.
  6. I'm not near my Nintendo Switch to check it out, but on Youtube videos I seen that those orange messages (with the green bat monster flying) happens when SE doing maintenance on serves, probably because of ver. 5.2.
  7. I was also having issues playing yesterday (Monday) morning since the two circle arrows that indicates connection status were going from green to yellow, thank God it never turned red or quick me out, but it seens like DQX servers had connection issues earlier, fortunately it seens like those issues got fixed now.
  8. Thanks for your replay Meru, I'll definitely try it! 😁👍ðŸŧ
  9. Hey Meru! Tenshi here lol 😅 Just wondering what do you buy from PlayAsia? Webmoney ðŸĪ”? Asking you because I also would like to buy some cosmetics on the hiroba site ðŸĪŠ
  10. Wish I have more time/experience to tell you what's new now but I just have been playing this game for 3 weeks and hadn't even start v.1 main story quets yet... Anyway I'm glad you back and hope to see you in game Aena! 😁👍ðŸŧ ãĶんし (Tenshi)
  11. Well since you literally switched from one Nintendo Switch to another, I'd recommend you to create your japanese SE ID and Password on your smarthphone, tablet or pc, that way you can use right away Google translate on the japanese SE account (since everything is on japanese over there) and would be easily to connect to a vpn to create your account which I heard it isn't obligatory to connect to a vpn to create a japanese SE account, but if you already have a vpn service it wouldn't hurt to do if through it to avoid any error message while you're creating it. You'll need a japanese address and japanese zip to create your account, also they'll ask you to enter your name and surname twice using katakana and kanji characters.
  12. Aye Captain! 😉👍ðŸŧ
  13. /Welcome to DD ROM! Feel free to befriend me and hope to see you in game! 😁👍ðŸŧ
  14. Hey guys! Tenshi here again with another noob question lol... ðŸĪŠ I have seen a lot of Dragon's Den team messages displaying on screen everytime I zone in or out from an area or city on DQX. So my question would be, how you type those team messages to be displayed everytime you zone in game? Do you access to a especial menu to type it or you do it on the team house? Sorry if I'm asking this noob question but I can't find any info how to do it on google or youtube. Thanks in advance for your reply. ãĶんし (Tenshi)
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