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  1. Happy Troll Trivia Taco Tuesday! Hmm? What's that, Jay? You said Bacos, not Tacos? Alright then. I'll trust you on this one, but you got me really excited for tacos. The Troll Bacos made it's debut in Dragon Quest X, and has since appeared in DQM Joker 3 as one of the newest members of the troll family. Nowadays, it is known in the West as the Gladiator Troll, marked as a warrior full of rage by his bright red colour. There is some speculation that "Bacos" is a mis-translation of Bacchus, the Roman god of wine and partying. Did your parents ever tell you that if you eat too much of certain food you'll change colour? Well, the Troll Bacchus certainly did not listen, for it is speculated that he gets his colour not from rage, but from wine. Someone knows how to have a good time! We hope there were tacos at the party.
  2. It is a very small hat. But I think it's an important detail. It really brings the whole look together! ^_^
  3. Happy Troll Trivia Conspiracy Theory Tuesday! Did you know, that even though the Trolls in DQ3 NES were not pictured holding their signature oaken club (Previous TTT entry linked below for reference), the Boss Trolls were pictured with it? While the Boss Troll does not actually drop his oaken club (it must be very special to him), the regular Trolls do. Were they purposefully hiding their clubs from the higher ups? Are Boss Trolls just that much more attached to their clubs? Why are Trolls suddenly allowed to flaunt their clubs in subsequent entries to the series? Did they unionize in order to fight for better treatment from their employers? Are we asking too many questions? Whatever those answers may be, at least one thing is certain: Boss Troll will never give you his club. Fascinating stuff.
  4. Happy Troll Trivia Tuesday! Did you know that, in addition to the 7 types of trolls encountered in the series, Dragon Quest of the Stars added an 8th! On December 15th, 2020, the Santa Troll started to appear as part of the DQS Winter Campaign! We think he looks rather dashing in his festive toga and Christmas tree hat.
  5. Happy Troll Trivia Tuesday! The troll appears as a super-strong Monster in chapter 2 of Builders 2! He takes up a ton of space, and destroys nearby materials with his attacks! He has three attacks in total: Stomp (light damage) Attack (medium damage) Desperate Attack (Heavy damage) All of them defy what we normally know about trolls: that they are inaccurate. The attacks all have large hitboxes that are difficult to maneuver out of. I set out to take him on last night and... uhh.. I needed a nap. Yes. That's what happened. Anyway..... When you come back with a vengeance afterward, you get 800 experience and a recipe for a Night Club for Malroth! Neat!
  6. Happy Troll Trivia Tuesday! In the original DQIII for NES, the troll sprite is not pictured holding his signature oaken club! We know that he has it, because it has a 1/64 chance to drop, but who knows where he keeps it! Thankfully, the remakes added the club to the sprite, so there is no need to further imagine... unless you're into that, I suppose.
  7. Happy Troll Trivia Tuesday! Did you know that, in Dragon Quest Heroes, the Great Troll model was used for the Stout Troll? Dragon Quest Heroes II added the model for what we all know and love as the Stout Troll, restoring order to the Troll Universe.
  8. Happy Troll Trivia Tuesday! The troll monster appears in six out of the eleven main line games. Since VIII, it has been a regular customer and has appeared in every game!
  9. We might be able to photoshop numbers onto them if we find out where they go!
  10. Season 2 was going to be one of the next things released before we got the announcement that the game was shutting down.... I believe the JP version has two other story planets in addition to Brullia, so that was where the next story segment would likely take us. A screenshot retelling of season 1 would be awesome! Maybe we can even add it to the Den main site as a memory of the time we did have with the game.
  11. lol, as the beta reader I don’t even think this is all of it
  12. I’m so excited that this happened, but I’m even more excited for him to get to the next segments!!!!!
  13. Oh! We actually have a few of us working on this on the Dragon’s Den Discord! We even have a lot of assets from data mine, including the 3D character model parts, so one of our members is trying to put together a 3D printable version of his character. You can join the Discord via the index here, or I can send you a like to our google drive where we are compiling all the information if you’d like
  14. I hope the author comes off of hiatus soon...
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