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  1. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1h5a6TKxLL_9YaOk5zZEeofRBErALVERa6iq6tbouBSw/edit?usp=sharing Ok! Here's what I have so far. I went a little trigger happy on making sheets for all the sections of the compendium...... but so far the only one with anything on it is the weapons, and I've added the names and rarities of the ones I have. I also added the "effective against" for the specific weapon type i.e. all swords are effective against dragons. I didn't want to have the link give the whole world editing privileges, but if anyone wants to collaborate on it I can make that work! (Especially since everyone has gotten different pulls)
  2. Works for me! Things do get a little tricky with all the different evolutions, but do we want to also incude the different possible skill slots and their ranks? It might also be good include a column for a second main skill (for alchemized weapons) and for a secondary stat increast i.e sage's staff increases magic attack by 20 Of course, weapons is probably the most complicated list in the compendium to start with but here we are lol.
  3. So an excel spreadsheet/google sheets would work?I can start one of those if you'd like (Maybe not today.... but this weekend for sure!) I've used the site for like 10 years at this point, I figure it's time I start contributing a little bit
  4. There's a way to extract text from games? That's pretty neat! I was thinking it would be a super huge task. But I also think it would be really satisfying to look at when it was finished Is there anything I can do to help? (Clearly I've never done this type of thing before, but that doesn't mean I don't want to learn!)
  5. Out of curiosity, are there any plans to include a section on the main site for equipment and skills?
  6. Alrighty! Thank you so much!
  7. Yeah, I'm on 2. Some day it will happen.
  8. I'm trying really hard to get the final 2 trophies I need for the PS4 version, which are unlock all party powers and collect every weapon. Grinding out proficiency for party powers is simple enough.... but I've been having trouble with the weapons. I haven't done very many dimensional dungeons due to not having anyone to do multiplayer with, but I read somewhere (a while ago) that Aberrant Estate was a "fast" way to get them. Is this really the best way? Also, if there's a better way to farm mini medals than just killing a bunch of bomboulders in the Damned Dunes, that would be appreciated as well!
  9. I'll have to try this out too! I am in end game grinding for trophies, but man it is slow going. I was able to buy all the weapons but grinding the dimensional dungeons for would-be-weapons is a slog.
  10. Ahhh darn it should be fixed now. But we’re actually already friends so it probably wouldn’t have worked anyway Thank you!!!!
  11. I'm super late to this party but honestly the game mechanics improved so much from DQH1 to DQH2 that I'm excited for whatever they put out. Although.... I've never really been one to buy in to paying for online play service... What I wouldn't give for even 2 player local co op so I could sink thousands of hours playing with my brother
  12. Hi! I'm still really new to the forum but I'd like to make some more friends! AACJHY7426 It also seems like the discord link is expired, but that might be the fact that I'm still new as well. Happy Questing!
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