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  1. Season 2 was going to be one of the next things released before we got the announcement that the game was shutting down.... I believe the JP version has two other story planets in addition to Brullia, so that was where the next story segment would likely take us. A screenshot retelling of season 1 would be awesome! Maybe we can even add it to the Den main site as a memory of the time we did have with the game.
  2. lol, as the beta reader I don’t even think this is all of it
  3. I’m so excited that this happened, but I’m even more excited for him to get to the next segments!!!!!
  4. Oh! We actually have a few of us working on this on the Dragon’s Den Discord! We even have a lot of assets from data mine, including the 3D character model parts, so one of our members is trying to put together a 3D printable version of his character. You can join the Discord via the index here, or I can send you a like to our google drive where we are compiling all the information if you’d like
  5. I hope the author comes off of hiatus soon...
  6. For many many years I've done the 1 game at a time thing. I need to get back to that instead of half-completed games all over. I've become a polygameist & I'm ashamed. I feel this. My main gaming goal going into 2021 was to finish the games I had started instead of staring a bunch of new ones. I’ve made progress on DQ8, DQB2, and Dark Cloud 2, but then I picked up DQ9 again and even started a new file of Joker 2 last week I also picked up FE3H for the first time in 6 months and... I might just have a problem...
  7. And here is the last entry! Astronomer Revocation 3: Lv1; Astronomer's Bright Idea Lv10; Max HP +3 Lv20; Resilience +2 Lv30; Snub Lv8 Lv40; Magic Attack +5 Lv50; Max HP +3 Lv60; Magic Healing +5 Lv70; Star's Guidance Lv8 Lv80; Resilience +2 Lv90; Max HP +3 Lv99; Luck + 5
  8. You're welcome! I have a friend who is at Revocation 2 level 98 on Astronomer. I am just waiting for that last level up to get the Rev 3 information!
  9. I will have Rev 3 in a little while! Astronomer Base Stats: Lv1; Snub Lv1 Magic +5 With Preferred Weapon Lv5; Wish Upon a Star Lv10; Spell CT Cut 3% With Preferred Weapon Lv20; Snub Lv3 Lv30; Star's Guidance Lv1 Lv40; Magic Healing +10 Lv50; Snub Lv5 Lv60; Star's Guidance Lv3 Lv70; Magic +3 Lv80; Max HP +5 Lv90; Star's Guidance Lv5 Astronomer Revocation 1: Lv10; Max HP +3 Lv20; Resilience +3 Lv30; Snub Lv6 Lv40; Magic +4 Lv50; Max HP +3 Lv60; Magic Attack +8 Lv70; Star'
  10. Hiya! We have two new sparkly vocations now so I thought it would be good to add their stats to the main site! I'll put Astro in a new message Gladiator Base Stats: Lv1; Star Dragon Stance Lv1 Resilience +10 With Preferred Weapon Lv5; Attack Ability Tricks Lv10; Ability CT Cut 3% With Preferred Weapon Lv20; Star Dragon Stance Lv3 Lv30; Revenge Mode Lv1 Lv40; Critical Rate +1% Lv50; Star Dragon Stance Lv5 Lv60; Revenge Mode Lv3 Lv70; Strength +5 Lv80; Max HP +5 Lv90; Revenge Mode Lv5 Gladiator Revocation
  11. Hah... I totally missed Yangus's prediction that the character was Tingle. That must be why I was so confused that you wanted Linkle to be the bonus character.
  12. Erm.... the new character is exactly who you'd expect it to be from the goal of the post game quest.
  13. Is it a new character? It is! A very good one at that!
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