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  1. What is it with you and the sucky puns today?
  2. You could always download an emulator and play it that way!
  3. Shameless plug for Dark Cloud while we’re talking PS2 games
  4. Careful, I could talk about how much I love VIII alllllll day!
  5. Most of the whistles drop in the DQV event, but there were a few that released in the most recent Stargazer event (Early December, IIRC). You should be able to get some from the Hidden Monster Village key door. Right now, those are available as a ticket purchase in the Celestial Tournament.
  6. From 500 - 2500 you get a fiend key for each 100 light mark. There are a few more Potentate of Portals Sigils in the mix, but it's mostly fiend keys.
  7. I don’t know that I’ve ever actually set goals like this... but it seems fun! 1) Finish a lot of the games I’ve started and then put down for one reason or another -DQVIII 3DS -DQXI 2D -DQ Builders 2 -Fire Emblem Three Houses: Blue Lions Route -Tales of Berseria (I picked this one up again before Christmas only to put it down for Cadence of Hyrule and Age of Calamity) -A few others that I am missing trophies on; DQH2 and Dark Cloud 2. -Probably more that I’ve forgotten because I had a bad habit of starting things I likely shouldn’t have this year
  8. The reward for 500 dimensional light is great. I’ve been way less motivated to keep farming after that because fiend keys are way less interesting to me!
  9. It’s good to see you here, Ice Dragon! Happy Questing!
  10. Tales of Berseria is a really interesting entry in the series. I'm about 40 hours in; just picked it up yesterday after putting it down at the end of summer. It's a very different kind of narrative, which is really interesting coming from a Tales game. The battle engine feels a lot faster and more active than past games, but with some practice it can be quite intuitive. Disclaimer; I've mostly played newer Tales games, so I don't know a whole lot about older ones like Vesperia and Abyss (I've played Symphonia and loved it! Vesperia definitive edition is on my switch waitin
  11. Hmm, I didn't think about that. I've only played 2D mode in XIS, and 3D mode on the original release. Maybe I'll finally get the guts to do No Armour next time!
  12. The most annoying thing about no shopping is that there is no way to get Angel Bells in the game besides shopping, which makes some Alchemy Recipes impossible until you get to the post game and turn it off. A fun perk, though, is with the brothers in Gondolia where you buy the limited gear.
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