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  1. Great post! Agreed with most of that. Draconian options (or just an actual good game balance to begin with) would go a long way towards making dq7 3ds enjoyable. Restoring the class system features to the complexity that they had in the original game would also be necessary, they dumbed it down a lot in the remake. Also lots of story bits here and there were cut out of the remake and character motivations and storytelling suffered. It is not as impactful or as good of a story as it is on the original version on ps1.
  2. Fully agree with the OP. Dragon Warrior 7 on the PS1 is easily the best game in the series and one of the best RPGs ever made. The 3DS remake is shamefully dumbed down and suffers for it. Hell, the 3DS remake is barely even worth playing because of how pathetically easy it is, there is no challenge to the game whatsoever and thus no reason to play it or enjoy it.
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