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  1. This is my first time playing through it, I own the NES version, but got around to playing it, so trying it now on the Switch. For the most part I will say that it has been enjoyable, but one thing that is really getting to me it the monster encounter rate being so damn high. A lot of times, especially in dungeons (looking at you Lighthouse), I literally can't walk 3 spaces without getting into a battle, it really gets infuriating after a while. Also it seems they got rid of the money making glitch, which I guess would be fine if a lot of the weapons and armor won't so damn expensive. One th
  2. I had known about the series for a while, never really given it a chance since I didn't own a NES. One day I was on the Square Enix website and saw that you could sign up to have a demo of Dragon Quest VIII be mailed to you. I received the demo and instantly fell in love with the game. Many hours were put into that game and when IX came out I didn't hesitate to pick it up as well. Since then I now own about every Western release of the franchise and while I've beaten quite a few of them, there are still some I've yet to try. However as I get older, I tend to have less and less time for games,
  3. Hi everyone! Been a fan of Dragon Quest for years and have been coming to Dragon's Den off and on throughout that time. I could've sworn I had made an account a couple of years ago, but I guess never went through with it. Anyway, glad to finally join officially and looking forward to discussing with all of you anything and everything about this incredible franchise.
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