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  1. Yes,the credit was accepted. And im now playing . i didn't buy crysta i just paid my month directly with my credit card.
  2. Anybody here is using credit card to play the game? i try with mine and it did accept the credit card.
  3. finaly able to play online. however, i can't play with my lv36 warrior on wii.
  4. the only thing i know, you have to choose the first one.
  5. I finaly manage to enter in the menu of the game online. but now when i choose the first option i got a message with 2 option, if i choose the first one it close the game and the second one get me back to the initial menu.
  6. thanks for the info Mega. Today when i want to launch the launcher, i have a error message. It appear right after i click on the .exe
  7. i don't know if someone can help me. If i login online while im not on vpn, the game start then give me the error message. thats alright. But if i connect to a vpn, when i try to login there is nothing happening. i enter my user id and password then i click play online then the screen flash 1 time and the password dissapear and i have to retap it. so when im on vpn the game wont launch and when im not the game launch but give me the error.
  8. My first dragon quest i played was Dragon warrior 1&2 on gameboy color. i saw it in a store and i try it, so it led me to see all the others in the series.
  9. Maybe im wrong but if you plan to play only the offline mode, you will get some problem. The first part of the offline mode i have complete it in 2-3 hours. then the game will ask you to choose a race and a class. Then the game will try to connect to the server online. If you don't have a japanese IP it will not work. So it will give you a error and you will have to reset the game. when the game is reset you will only have your game offline from your last save point and the previous step will repeat again. Thats what happen to me.
  10. yeah, you need to have 2 network card on your PC with a ethernet RJ45 connector on them. 1 is connected to your router and the other one is connected to your wii.
  11. Here all what i done: requirement: Lan adapter for wii Router PC with 2 network card network cable Vpn thing to do: -connect the Wii Lan adapter on the wii. -Connect a network cable from the Wii lan adapter to your second network card on your pc. -Make sure your pc is connected to your router with the other network card. -Make sure your router have the option enabled to passthrough PPTP and L2TP(both just in case). -Open your Wii, create a wired connection(it will surely prompt a message saying an error but just make sure the connection wired is there even if the test connection failed). -Turn off your wii -Maybe i can recommend you Overplay to choose for your VPN service. -Get a account ready to be use. -Download the software Overplay VPN(here the links to download the software) https://patch.oppatch.com/Windows/v2/ -When it will installing, it will create a Local Area Connection(it created "Local Area connection 2" for me). -Go in windows to the network connections. -make sure the vpn is off(close the software Overplay). -click on the Local Area Connection it created, go in the tab Sharing. Check the option "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection" and choose your network card where the wii is plug into make the share. -Test it. if there something you didn't well understand, it will be a pleasure to help you.Sorry by the way for my very bad english.
  12. A ranger with a Axe? lol
  13. When you going to craft a item you can see a check if you already made one of some items before But i saw one with a star instead. what does it mean?
  14. ok thanks. By the way i create my character today and im lv4. if you want to add me in your friend list if its possible to let me know how to add someone in the fl. my name : ユキン (yukin in katakana) id: EE175-427
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