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  1. Update: thanks to Chris I now have the game burned and working! Super excited and very grateful for the assist. Looking forward to finally getting to play this game in the lovely 3D version that should really have had a western release. Thanks again!
  2. Chris, thank you for sending that download link. I'm working on d/l-ing it just now. Thanks again! I take it the idea is to then burn it to disc (at slowest speed) and see if that works. I'll try my built in burning program and if that doesn't work will look at other burning software. Will let you know how it goes!
  3. Hi, Thanks for the tips - I sppreciate them. As mentioned previously, I have tried to run the PS2 emulator and could not get it to run on my computer. I think it should be clear already, but perhaps I need to reiterate it: I Am Not Techy Or Program Savvy. I admit it! I can do the simplest things and that's bout it. No, I did not realise I had to mke my own ISO, so that's obviously been missed out. It's obviously beyond me - or put it another way, I don't intend to try to learn all the complicated procedures necessary just to play this one game on my PS2 console.
  4. Hi again, all! Ok. Maybe I'm going about this all wrong. How would this be: If there's somebody out there in the UK or nearby EU that can make this happen for me, I can send you some blank discs (DVD-RW), my original copy of the game (to prove I own it and that the copy will be a playable backup of a game that I already own), and money to cover their time and effort. If necessary I can even include the downloaded patch files on a thumb drive (which they can keep if they like after it's completed in addition to my "compensation for their time and effort"). I'm not going t
  5. Hi all - Merry Christmas. Right, here is where I'm up to. I've had my PS2 modded with a Modbo 5.0 chip so that it (allegedly) will play burned copies. I have downloaded and unzipped the Dragon Quest V English patched version from DQTranslations, so as to get the iso. I have bought Verbatim DVD-RW discs and I have read instructions many, many times. I have burned the iso multiple times to the DVD-RW at varying speeds (3x, 4x, 8x). I have tried to get my PS2 to run the discs, with no success any time. Sometimes it doesn't recognise the disc, sometimes it just
  6. I have a suitable CD/DVD-R drive so should be able to burn it ok. In fact I suppose I should be able to burn the translated iso available online from the DQ-Translations page - even if just as a trial run (once I get my console back in a week or two....) (After all this, please tell me it's a good - no, GREAT - game?!)
  7. As an update to this, my PS2 console is being modded with Modbo 5.0 which will make it region-free and able to play burned discs. So... all I need now is a burned copy of DQ-V with the English patch applied to it? Is that correct? Is there anybody willing to supply me with this? I'd be happy to pay pstage and time if anyone can help me out here (FYI I do own a genuine physical Japanese copy of the game). :)
  8. Just a quick question. I've just found my first Dieamend. Do I have to have it equipped to function, or just have it in a character's inventory?
  9. Thank you for your time and effort. If you could do that it would be much appreciated! I'm used to using O and X as they are in Japanese games anyway, but my TV is 16:9 so if it could support that it would be a bonus, but honestly not essential! Ant
  10. Hi. I'm new to this site/forum, but glad to be here. I've completed VIII on PS2 and am currently playing XI on PS4. I need to return to IX on DS soon too. I'm sorry if this has been asked already, but I want to play the PS2 version of DQV in English. I have tried to find, read and UNDERSTAND what's required to do this, and I just can't get my head around it. Here's what I own: NTSC-J copy of DQV for PS2 PAL SCPH-70000 PS2 slim Now I know it's possible to play an English version on PS2, but I don't understand how to do it. Yes - I really am that tech cack-handed. I need a co
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