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  1. So i was going through my old messages on the rpg maker forums, when i found these 3 sprites i made back in 2018. They were made for RPG Maker VX Ace in the DS style, and they're surprisingly good for my skill level back then. (Also if these could be added to the custom sprites section i'd be grateful!)
  2. So this site has info on a couple of old EZ application/i app dragon quest games like Dragon Quest Monsters J and Mobile Dungeon 1/2. I think they all shut down in 2018 and can no longer be played normally. I’m wondering if there’s any more information about them online, any video footage, any images other than the screenshots available, or even a playable copy of any of them? If there really is no info about them, can we consider them lost media and maybe put them on the lost media wiki in hopes someone can find them? PS: If this isn’t the right subforum, please move this!
  3. I appreciate the effort, but still, that's only a select variety of monsters. Still a nice link, but i need the ones from dqvii if they exist.
  4. Oh, you sent the battle sprites list. I meant the map sprites.
  5. no, i mean the ones other than the ones that are there.
  6. I couldn't find a forum for the original PSX version, so i'm posting here. Does anyone have more of the monster sprites from DQVII? I can only find sprites from AnkHorn to DragonMan. Along with four more bonus sprites, but i just can't find any of the rest. Does anyone have them?
  7. Metal King Slime is in all the DWM games, Joker too I believe. But instead of being called "Metal King Slime", the DQX monster list lists it as "King Latem", who was a mirror boss in a spinoff.
  8. The problem with using localization names for a game that hasn't been localized is that when people need to reference those monsters for playing DQX, it's needless confusion. If I'm looking for Chop Clown, I'm not going to know that I really should be looking for whatever its modern English localized name is. That makes sense, but why are Dragon Quest Swords names being used for monsters like the Great Troll and Metal King Slime?
  9. I think it’s time that the monsters page on DQX needs an update. Mainly to decrease the amount of “Need Names” to the minimum. A lot of those monsters, like the Face Invader and Queen Slime already have official names. Also, i’ve noticed that there are many outdated names like the ChopClown instead of Prickly Prankster. And Crabus instead of Handsome Crab. I’d like to see the page updated just a little.
  10. None of which came to the US. But people who speak Japanese can translate and add the info.
  11. We operate on a slower pace here. New releases won't have tons of info. 2 years from now? Tons! For this game, perhaps, but what about for the other games like Rocket Slime for 3DS and the two Mobile Dungeon games?
  12. Why does the main site have no info on the game? There’s only a commercials and friend id codes page. Why not stuff like enemies, items, armor, and so on?
  13. Does anyone have the sprites of the material family from Dragon Quest Monsters 1 & 2 psx? The overworld sprites specifically. I found the sprites of all the monsters except the material family in a thread, but i didn't ask since that thread was a year old. Help would be nice.
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