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  1. Alright so I was super hyped for Tact and I was included in the closed beta testing back in September. Obviously it closed in October so I wasn't able to access my data again and I was hoping to just see my monsters once the game was fully released. But when I opened it again today, my data had all been restarted. Now I'm scared that I had to backup my account back when testing was open, or even just closed, and I forgot to do so. Is there anyway my account might still be here? Or did EVERYONE start over with the official release?
  2. Omg thank you so much, I had no idea this existed. I'll use this in the meantime!
  3. Yup, that would definitely cause it lol But I didn't see that warning before my phone updated. I'm glad they're aware of the issue at least, I'm missing out on a lot waiting for them to do something about this. Unless there's something I'm supposed to do to fix this?? Sigh lol
  4. Alright so I have a Google Pixel. It just did some big update yesterday and there wasn't any problems besides some of the features looking super ugly now until I tried opening DQS. It just would not open. I tried force stopping it, I waited a day and came back to it then I uninstalled and redownloaded it and nothing works. I know it's probably not the app's fault but does anyone have any other ideas to fix this? If there's some way to revert the phone update I don't mind doing that either, I just have no idea how to. Thanks!
  5. I finally got the vocational scroll thing and became a sage but leveling up can be a pain, especially once you've run out of metal slime keys. I'm not strong enough yet to go back and get another scroll I need for my other character. I know you can buy the keys but even that's limited by daily tickets and points. Do you get to level up easier as you progress through the story? (I haven't been doing the story much, I've been all over the events.) Maybe we could compile a list of ways to level up quickly and obtain metal slime keys?
  6. Pixiv is a good site but it's always iffy like that.. If it helps any make an account there and it will recommend you works you might prefer. Also search hashtags using the characters' Japanese names (this works well for Twitter too, since there's a large Japanese population). I think for most characters if you google them and find their wiki page, it'll list a Japanese name, you can copy and paste it to any search bar.
  7. I think DQB2 would be easier to play on PC (I already bought it on the switch). So if I were to recommend the PC version to some friends, would we still be able to play together? Or should they suffer through switch controls just so we can visit each other's islands
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