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  1. Incidentally, I once compiled a list of the events of the Japanese version. I think it's almost exhastive. It covers from the release date until Nov 2018. Unfortunately it's written in Japanese, and the Japanese event names I think will provide little help for those who are not familiar with Japanese DQ games, but it won't hurt... You can find it here. (It's in my Japanese blog site, of which topics are DQ9 and Stars.)
  2. "Dragon Quest of the Stars" can be abbreviated to "DQS", but it can mean Dragon Quest Swords, too. I think DQS has to be spared for the latter. I propose DQSt. What do you think? # BTW I've written some Japanese articles in my blog on the Japanese version of DQSt. I've been using the prefix "dqp-" for their URLs, because the game title can be translated as "Dragon Quest of the Planets"; the game is set in a couple of *planets*, not in stars. I think "of the Stars" is a wrong translation, as I wrote here. 😉 Edit: In Japanese, the game's title "星のドラゴンクエスト" is abbreviated to "星ドラ". ("Hoshi-dora", rhyming crudely with "got-it, got-that".) This abbreviation is also used by Square-Enix.
  3. Resistance calculation is really important in DQ-Stars. I wrote an article how to calculate it here, based on the Japanese version. It's purely technical, and there's no spoiler. It's not necessary yet, but keen players will soon find it invaluable, say in April or May. In strong boss fights, it'll be crucial. You can't play (in fact, can't DL) the worldwide version in Japan, including me. Please suggest me any improvements, in particular terminology glitches. Enjoy! EDIT: @Brother Jaybird and @ignasia: Thanks for your kind replies! You know I'm a newbie here, tee-hee. @woodus: Thank you very much for running a great site!
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