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  1. Thought of another question: what's the deal with the second, cat-like Incarnus in Joker 3?
  2. Thanks for all this! Can you explain at all the actual plot role of the post-Joker 2 superbosses, if you know? Baboon/Evil Beast from Joker 2 Pro, Maizar/Semergias (are these different forms of the same guy?) from Terry 3D, He Who Has No Name from Cobi and Tara 3D, Jormungandros from Joker 3, and Madyraja from Joker 3 Pro?
  3. Thank you. Another question about 2 3D - where do the monsters not in your active party hang out in that one? It's so adorable seeing them frolicking in the Albatross pen in Joker 2 (...I think so, anyway) and was wondering if there was anything similar in this one. Where do the four-slot ones live, in particular? Those things are like Megazords.
  4. Ah, I knew there had to be a catch. Even in post-post-game, a utopian valley of frolicking demon lords seemed too good to be true. Will still help me in my goal of obtaining ALL final bosses at once, though - unless the wild versions are weak enough that it'd be BETTER to synth them from scratch. Thanks for your offer to discuss Joker 3, too. What can you tell me about its longest synth chains? And do you know why they cut a ton of monsters in favor of palette swaps? It's the same system; couldn't they re-use the assets?
  5. So I've been watching some DQM23D videos on YouTube and found something interesting: there's apparently an area in the post-game where REALLY high-level monsters can be found wild and can be scouted. So I guess my absurd synth chain isn't actually necessary? Like, in this one, the player finds the freaking BABOON BEAST in the wild, just chilling on his throne as he always is. Anyone know more about this?
  6. Say, I've started a new run of Joker 2, and plan to do a more "complete" run than my initial playthrough years ago. There is, however, one major issue... how do you get the Wi-Fi monsters now? The Hoods, Schleiman Tank, multiple Captain Crows, etc.? In other words, yes, I'm asking for cheats. I do not normally condone the use of cheats, but, well... I can't very well get them from wi-fi that no longer exists, can I? As an aside, how do you get them in the Pro English rom? Think I might give that a whirl after I finish Vanilla. My first rom, actually; for a tamer of demon lords I'm very squeaky-clean, I know.
  7. Found him thanks to r/DragonQuest: King Vearn from the Adventures of Dai manga.
  8. With the aid of a kind user on r/DragonQuest, I found him! The Demon King Vearn, from the manga Adventures of Dai, which is apparently getting an anime soon, hence his inclusion, I'd imagine. His quad-synth is Madyuraja 2 plus Vearn's own weaker form and his two main henchmen from the manga. The latter three are, I believe, DLC, so Madyuraja's the only one you have to actually make, but still.
  9. So looking around some sites for Joker 3 and Pro, it seems this dude right here is the game's ultimate monster. I assume so, as he requires the second form of the superboss to make. No, not Vanilla's superboss, Jormungandros, Pro's even stronger superboss, Madyuraja (his second form requires THREE of his first form to make, incidentally, because Square gets off on your tears). In short, this guy might be the monster with the single most absurd synth chain in the entire franchise, and as I'm trying to document absurd synth chains I really want to know more. Punching his Japanese name into Google brings up an old manga, which seems like a pretty obscure source to draw from. So, anyone know what this character does there that deserves such a prestigious standing in the game?
  10. So after taking a look at a Japanese site it looks at though the ultimate 3 Pro monster is this burly guy right here: https://takanohimatubusi.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/WVW69kPlzZMWuWbp2U.jpg He requires a quad-synth of the new secret boss Madyuraja and three other mysterious monsters who all have similar names in kana and may all be alternate forms of the same character. Punching that into Google turns up a villain from an old manga; THAT's sure obscure!
  11. I figured out the chain for He Who Has No Name (2 3D secret boss) for fun too. If you didn't see it in the other thread, behold its ridiculousness!
  12. Greetings! You may have seen my visual representation of the absurd synth chain required for the final boss of DQM2 3D. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the hardest-to-synth monsters in Joker 3 and Joker 3 Pro. I'm less interested in playing these because of the amount of inexplicable cuts from 2 3D, but I'm still curious. Of the new top-tier monsters I'm aware of... * The game's final boss Snapped Almighty (an advanced form of the good Doctor) * The secret boss, Jormungandros (a mechanical snake-man-thing) * Pro's even more secreter secret boss, Madyuraja, who has two forms. * Shadroth and Fractos, of Heroes I and II. * VIII 3D's superboss Juggerwroth. * A new family of Incarni climaxing in Jester, a tiger who can in turn be fused with Wildcard to create The World. So, anyone know how you get these dudes?
  13. As I posted in the other thread, using mjhopkins' data project I've created a synth chart for He Who Has No Name, the new final boss, who conveniently requires every OTHER final boss at some point in his chain. I hope I can use it some day!
  14. I've chosen my moniker for this site based on what I'll do when I get the chance to play this. I intend to have a proverbial "Living Pokedex" of final bosses from throughout the series - one of each, all at the same time. As most of their synth chains require others, this means I'll be making most of them multiple times. That's why this game in particular is so important to me - it included every flavor of demon lord from throughout the series at the time of its release. Joker 3, to my moderate horror, actually cut three final bosses (Magarugi, Xiphos, and Gadis) and several other cool monsters for palette swaps and generic-looking robots for reasons I have no idea of. I'm not sure how feasible this goal will actually be, though - I know some bosses require (ugh) promo monsters and I don't know if there'll be any way to get them in the ROM.
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