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  1. Found his official art. How much do you want to bet his official dub name, if he gets one, will be something really goofy like "Nokturnus Maximus?"
  2. I have a feeling that's right. Similar name and has Darkdream/Nokturnus as one of his synth materials. Nokturnus' Neo Dragonlord/Asura Zoma/etc counterpart, maybe?
  3. Say, can anyone tell me who this is? He seems to be one of the new version's two highest monsters, along with Calasmos, and judging from the Google results, this is his first appearance. He's monster #903 and his name, unless I'm reading the kana completely wrong, seems to be "Magus/Magis Dream." Anyone know more about his actual role?
  4. And the site has the recipe for Calasmos now! Mordegon II + Tockle. The latter is apparently some kind of event monster, so thankfully that just increases the Synth Chart from Hell by one link.
  5. The thing that stopped the previous attempt was an issue with rendering English in the text boxes, IIRC. Has this team been investigating a way around that?
  6. It literally nearly doubles in size, for the simple reason that Grand Estark and HWHNN's chains don't intersect in the original. But in this one, they do, meeting at the DQMJ3 superboss, Jormungandros. The site lists Calasmos, Madesagora, and, oddly enough, Void Droid as "Method of obtaining unknown." Anyone have any ideas?
  7. Remember the Synth Chart from Hell earlier in this thread? Course you do. Well, in my glee at learning of the new smartphone remake with even more monsters, I've been perusing the synth charts on this site, and WOW, deeper into the rabbit hole we go. According to this site, the highest monster in the remake (of the remake) is, interestingly, Mordegon II. He's made from Mordegon I + Jormungandros, who is made from Grand Estark + Snapped Dragon, who is made from He Who Has No Name + Snapped Almighty (in other words, yes, you have to go through BOTH the original's most absurd synth chains
  8. Thank you! Yes, YES! They're all there! Wow, even "Rigor Mort-rex" from Super Light and whatsisface the green and purple naga dude. And, while they're precisely the opposite of archfiends, good to see the Joker 3 Incarni as well. I must play this!
  9. Is it known what new monsters were added? Can I finally achieve my Holy Grail of literally wrangling every Archfiend in one game?
  10. Thought of another question: what's the deal with the second, cat-like Incarnus in Joker 3?
  11. Thanks for all this! Can you explain at all the actual plot role of the post-Joker 2 superbosses, if you know? Baboon/Evil Beast from Joker 2 Pro, Maizar/Semergias (are these different forms of the same guy?) from Terry 3D, He Who Has No Name from Cobi and Tara 3D, Jormungandros from Joker 3, and Madyraja from Joker 3 Pro?
  12. Thank you. Another question about 2 3D - where do the monsters not in your active party hang out in that one? It's so adorable seeing them frolicking in the Albatross pen in Joker 2 (...I think so, anyway) and was wondering if there was anything similar in this one. Where do the four-slot ones live, in particular? Those things are like Megazords.
  13. Ah, I knew there had to be a catch. Even in post-post-game, a utopian valley of frolicking demon lords seemed too good to be true. Will still help me in my goal of obtaining ALL final bosses at once, though - unless the wild versions are weak enough that it'd be BETTER to synth them from scratch. Thanks for your offer to discuss Joker 3, too. What can you tell me about its longest synth chains? And do you know why they cut a ton of monsters in favor of palette swaps? It's the same system; couldn't they re-use the assets?
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