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  1. Finally in the fleshing-out stage of my series sleuth, Rinaldo Allegri!


     An Italian displaced from Florence at the onset of The Great War, Rinaldo Allegri made his way to London, whereupon he became a car salesman, employing his charming foreignness, winning smile and his skill of making sure he always had his client's fullest attention to engage in a lucrative career.


    Following the automotive slump years of 1922 to 1929, Allegri was now out of a job. With his newly grown love for riddles and crossword puzzles to keep his always-active mind occupied, his entrepreneurial side saw the profit in Britain's skyrocketing crime rates and became a consulting detective. And just the very first job he'd need to market himself to the world of victims and victims' families everywhere had fallen perfectly in his lap...

    A seemingly impossible murder, the editor-in-chief of newspaper The Daily Hermes was found shot in the chest in his 25th floor office preceding the mysterious disappearance of his body. Only ten minutes earlier had Daily Hermes speculative reporter Ezra Hawkins stormed out of his office in a huff. Ezra Hawkins was soon to be tried with murder.

    That is, of course, until Rinaldo Allegri, who was convinced his poor man could never have been the killer, comes onto the scene. "Uffa!", he makes a flourished gesture with his hands, "The English police are the most dim! The killer leads them along like the horse to the carrot on a string. Yet... che partita! Just like the silly murder novels, too!"

    1. Brother Jaybird

      Brother Jaybird

      Ooh, an Italian Poirot. Is he a swarthy Italian?

    2. IsaOfTheWorlds


      @Brother Jaybird


      Actually, Poirot wasn't his only inspiration!  :P  Anthony Horowitz, writer of the Alex Rider series, tried his hand at detective fiction. Horowitz wrote The Word is Murder and The Sentence is Death, featuring modern Sherlockian detective Daniel Hawthorne. But he also wrote Magpie Murders a meta-mystery wherein we read a full (fictional) transcript of a Golden Age-styled murder mystery from fictional writer Alan Conway, also called Magpie Murders and featuring "series" sleuth Atticus Pünd, which in turn takes place inside of a modern crime-style murder mystery of the outside Magpie Murders.

      Obviously Atticus Pünd is German, and he's also obviously a Poirot expy. For further proof, see the other books he fictionally starred in such as Atticus Pünd InvestigatesAtticus Pund Takes the CaseNight Comes CallingAtticus Pund's Christmas and Gin & Cyanide. I just thought Italian was the perfect excuse to learn Italian addition to our quirky foreign detectives that we all love.


      As for Rinaldo Allegri, I would call him "swarthy" or "bronzed", having come from Venice! His inhibitions are few, his shiny blue suits many!

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