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  1. I know this makes me sound terribly gate-keepy, but I frankly am not too fond of these "no coding required" game engines. I think like with any hobby you should be willing to put forth the effort to learn the necessarily skills to develop a video game -- coding, of course, included. I think anything posing as a "do x without this common roadbump to doing x" solution is on the whole detrimental to the person looking to engage with that hobby. As silly as it sounds, it's almost just the same as an application which presents itself as a "write a novel without being fluent in any language by clicking on buttons which type some of the most basic and common phrases in literature".
  2. Update!!! The Unofficial Dragon Quest Roleplaying System will run on a combat format tentatively called "Cinematic Turn-Based"! In DraqueRP, characters do not move in combat. Just like the Dragon Quest video game series, distance from enemies is a nonissue as all combatants remain stationary and issue commands against their desired target from a variety of spells and special skills! Skills and spells represent predetermined techniques that player characters are proficient in due to the standards of their vocation's training. These commands check a player character's stats for efficiency, and not for accuracy unless otherwise stated! However, there exists latent in the minds of every player techniques which those detailed in the book do not cover. These techniques, referred to as a "Coup de Grâce" as they were in Dragon Quest IX, are collaborative efforts of imagination between player and Game Master's and are infinitely more versatile and capable than the standard spells and abilities, but unlike those abilities the Coup de Grâce requires successful die rolls in order to work as intended, as determined by the Game Master. The Coup de Grâce is, to put it simply, a player acting outside of the system. They will creatively describe a series of actions -- drawn from their formal skills, their natural abilities, and the battlefield -- which they will roll for against a number of the Game Master's choosing. Examples of Coup de Grâce include a player pirouetting off a wall in order to give their sword swing more momentum, attempting to utilize a non-projectile weapon as a projectile, or finding cover to temporarily avoid attacks. When two characters with concurrent turns wish to combine their abilities into something magnificent, this results in a special form of Coup de Grâce known as a Pep Power! Pep Powers work functionally the same as a normal Coup de Grâce, but with the exception of both participants' turns being utilized in the process. The payoff, however, is that by combining two characters' abilities, it allows greater application of the power of teamwork! If you want to utilize a Pep Power but your ally is significantly slower than you, that's fine! By choosing to "hold" your action, you allow the next participant in the battle older to act before you! Beware, though! You'll be temporarily stuck in the same position of the turn order for three turns, and concurrently unable to perform more Pep Powers or Coup de Grâce until the end of this cooldown period. More updates and sneak peaks at the system coming soon!
  3. Sometimes it really helps our motivation to move it away from abstract and theory and see it as raw quantitative data. By being able to really see our improvements, we're letting ourselves see the headway we're making! Post your progress for the week, whatever it is! Based on the attention this thread gets, I want to keep making more so people who are seriously interested in learning Japanese don't burn out! For me, I've finally memorized 100% of all JLPT N5 kanji, and I've made a lot of headway, coming up to memorizing 53.7% of JLPT words (according to Kanji Tree)! After reading through, making and rigorously studying flashcards for all of the phrases and vocabulary of the first three chapters of the Genki Textbook, I can now fully express a number of concepts and ideas and have them reaffirmed by the workbook and MP3 files! My study plan below has brought me very far in my lessons in just the last month and I hope I continue to improve! Practice Hiragana (identifying and writing) - Daily Practice Katakana (identifying and writing) - Daily Learn Kanji (min. 15, Max. 30) - Biweekly Learn new Words (Min. 25, max. 50) - Daily or every odd day Do all vocabulary flashcards (Min. 1 time, max. 3 times) - Daily until confident in set Review vocabulary sets you're confident in (Max. 1 time) - Weekly Read Genki textbook chapters (Min. 2, Max. 4) - Weekly Do corresponding Genki workbook lessons (with textbook chapters) - Weekly Listening practice with Genki MP3 files, television or podcasts (Min. 15 minutes, Max. 60 minutes, or as Genki textbook directs you to listen to them) - Daily Reading practice with on-level stories or on-level language exchanges online (Min. 30, Max. 90 minutes) - Daily What're your lesson plans? Is there anything wrong with mine? Something you'd take out or something you'd add? What's your progress been for this week!? Please share, and I hope you all keep sharing as you keep improving your foray into this beautiful language!
  4. I can find a handful of images on the Dragon Quest Reddit and through Google searches, mostly panoramic art of the whole series or specifically DQ1 and DQXI art, but anything in between is really spotty, particularly (oddly) Dragon Quest VIII. I can't find any Yangus art, for one, that isn't... weird fetish art on Pixiv. Where can I find a lot of high-quality Dragon Quest fanart? For a series as popular as it, you'd think it'd have more art than I've seen.
  5. Exactly! DQIX gets ONE character and she isn't playable! Ignoring original characters, Dragon Quest Heroes 1 has: 4 DQIV characters (including an antagonist!) 2 DQV characters 1 DQVI character (who is optional in DQVI) and 2 Dragon Quest VIII characters 0 Dragon Quest OG, 0 Dragon Quest II, 0 Dragon Quest III, 0 Dragon Quest VII, 0 Dragon Quest IX. Even if you want to say the protagonists of 1, 2 and 3 are not unique enough to feature in the game (I think Erdrick deserves a slot on his merits alone), Dragon Lord or Malrog could've both featured instead of Psaro! Corvus from Dragon Quest IX is also really good if they want to stick with more strictly humanoid final boss. Dragon Quest Heroes II has FIVE playable Dragon Quest IV characters, even though we didn't need BOTH Maya and Meena, and frankly I don't think we needed Torneko either. And then with the new Heroes 1 * 2 pack we have SIX characters from Dragon Quest IV. 6 DQIV 2 DQVII 2 DQVIII (cutting Yangus ) 2 DQVI with Dragon Quest IV STILL taking up the 50% majority of the roster. This is why I call it DQIV and Friends.
  6. 50% of the non-original playable characters was DQIV. All DQIX got was Erinn. The representation is definitely a little unbalanced.
  7. Great! Maybe the crossover aspect of Dragon Quest Heroes can be improved upon and not be "Dragon Quest IV Heroes and Friends".
  8. Just ate dark chocolate without retching. I'm worried I'm getting old.

    1. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero


      I've enjoyed dark chocolate since I was a wee young'n'.

    2. IsaOfTheWorlds


      @Erdrick The Hero Silly Erdrick! Trix are for kids! Dark chocolate's for fogeys. It just so happens... that I'm the fogey now! :'(

  9. I finally invested in a phone! It's the first phone I've owned (with service) in four years, and the nicest phone I've ever had. I'm in love!
  10. Finally in the fleshing-out stage of my series sleuth, Rinaldo Allegri!


     An Italian displaced from Florence at the onset of The Great War, Rinaldo Allegri made his way to London, whereupon he became a car salesman, employing his charming foreignness, winning smile and his skill of making sure he always had his client's fullest attention to engage in a lucrative career.


    Following the automotive slump years of 1922 to 1929, Allegri was now out of a job. With his newly grown love for riddles and crossword puzzles to keep his always-active mind occupied, his entrepreneurial side saw the profit in Britain's skyrocketing crime rates and became a consulting detective. And just the very first job he'd need to market himself to the world of victims and victims' families everywhere had fallen perfectly in his lap...

    A seemingly impossible murder, the editor-in-chief of newspaper The Daily Hermes was found shot in the chest in his 25th floor office preceding the mysterious disappearance of his body. Only ten minutes earlier had Daily Hermes speculative reporter Ezra Hawkins stormed out of his office in a huff. Ezra Hawkins was soon to be tried with murder.

    That is, of course, until Rinaldo Allegri, who was convinced his poor man could never have been the killer, comes onto the scene. "Uffa!", he makes a flourished gesture with his hands, "The English police are the most dim! The killer leads them along like the horse to the carrot on a string. Yet... che partita! Just like the silly murder novels, too!"

    1. Brother Jaybird

      Brother Jaybird

      Ooh, an Italian Poirot. Is he a swarthy Italian?

    2. IsaOfTheWorlds


      @Brother Jaybird


      Actually, Poirot wasn't his only inspiration!  :P  Anthony Horowitz, writer of the Alex Rider series, tried his hand at detective fiction. Horowitz wrote The Word is Murder and The Sentence is Death, featuring modern Sherlockian detective Daniel Hawthorne. But he also wrote Magpie Murders a meta-mystery wherein we read a full (fictional) transcript of a Golden Age-styled murder mystery from fictional writer Alan Conway, also called Magpie Murders and featuring "series" sleuth Atticus Pünd, which in turn takes place inside of a modern crime-style murder mystery of the outside Magpie Murders.

      Obviously Atticus Pünd is German, and he's also obviously a Poirot expy. For further proof, see the other books he fictionally starred in such as Atticus Pünd InvestigatesAtticus Pund Takes the CaseNight Comes CallingAtticus Pund's Christmas and Gin & Cyanide. I just thought Italian was the perfect excuse to learn Italian addition to our quirky foreign detectives that we all love.


      As for Rinaldo Allegri, I would call him "swarthy" or "bronzed", having come from Venice! His inhibitions are few, his shiny blue suits many!

  11. I don't know if this was pointed out, but I'll go ahead and let you know that NPC party members don't actually have HP as far as I can tell. I've seen them take nearly 5x my max HP in damage without healing and they never died, so I'll go ahead and say with utmost certainty that NPC party members basically become damage sponges that make enemies waste turns.
  12. Just got the game in the mail for my PlayStation 4 (four days ahead of schedule), and has been playing it like crazy (got about 14 hours in my first day). Not much a huge fan of block-builders, so I'm still struggling with making things look aesthetic and pleasing (doesn't help that the game gives you not much space to work with in your base). Everything is just kinda a bunch of square buildings. I built a living center with a changing room and kitchen, multi-storied with two private rooms on each floor above the bottom floor. It's currently made up of over 600 timer blocks and I chopped down nearly every tree on the first two islands just for it. I wanted to build a "shrine" for my teleporter which ended up become a Teleportarium. I razed everything else to revamp them as per the townspeoples' requests.
  13. I wasn't thinking at all and started digging up the stone walls because I needed them for a structure I was building in my town, and then talked to the ghost, who told me to finish his stone stockade but I think he's in the way of where I build the stockade now because he fell into it, and also I can't remember where/how to build the stockade. Did I break the game?
  14. Wow, where'd you see a Switch copy that low? Amazon and Ebay has them going for 23-40-odd dollars.
  15. Nevermind, I caved like a little baby and bought it for the PS4. I'll just get the sequel for Switch when I have more money.
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