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  1. I'm currently 40% through the massive Dai manga. Does EoR have an English fan translation? There is an Italian translation, so i think there is an English translation too
  2. Wow... That's simply awesome, I'm falling in love with all this and i really thank you for all this informations I have just the first manga of EoR and after your post i'ill certainly go on buying that manga
  3. Ok, i resolved it. I hope someone who will be able to give me more info about the final question. By te way, thank you very much for the perfect answer, i really appreciated it.
  4. Thank you for your complete answer, it was exactly what i was asking for. So there is no link between Dragon Quest VIII and Dragon Quest XI?
  5. Hello to everyone, I'm new in this community, and maybe I've opened a topic already treated, but i want to see if I'm lucky. I'm here to ask if someone know the full chronological line of the Dragon Quest saga, I'm going crazy 'cause i find only something in spanish that explain the chronological position between Dragon Quest 1 and 6, but i want to know all about it. I hope you may help me in this research, thank you.
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