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  1. Thanks for adding me!!! unfortunately I just found out that I can't chat in the trial version...
  2. So it turns out the item in question can't be obtained in the trial version because it requires use of the traveler's bazaar (which is unavaible in trial ver.) and also because it requires your tool craft level to be 18 (which is impossible because tool level caps at level 9 in trial ver.) However an update was applied to the game and now a different item is required. The item can easily be bought at the material store in the major emblem city in Azlan (forgot the name but it was "Kami-" something). The website guide I was using was outdated so it said to get the item that is impossible for trial players to obtain. False alarm everyone!
  3. I'm doing a main story quest in 2.2 in the trial version and it requires that I get an item that's only in either the traveler's bazzar or obtainable by crafting it. It requires that my tool crafting level is 18 to obtain it but when I reach level 9, it caps out and I can't obtain EXP anymore. It's supposed to normally cap at level 10 then allow me to do a quest to increase the cap but it capped at level 9 instead and the tool crafting man won't start a quest to increase it when I talk to him. What can I do to increase it? anyone know?
  4. Thanks for all the info! I just changed to battlemaster and used all the EXP I stored at the concierge (which was a lot since I never really used it much) to get to level 57, then did some of the battlemaster quests and have a lot of abilities now. Didn't realize how simple it was
  5. Hi I'd like to join the team. Name is ルナ and my ID is JA343-141 player character is female.
  6. I don't know the answers to your questions but this website can help. It has just about everything you'll want to know about this game. It's all in Japanese but you should use your browser to translate it (google chrome for example). https://dragon-quest.jp/ten/
  7. Finally someone replied!! Thanks! On number 1, yes I have my skill points sorted. I am of the "Fighter" class and sorted a bunch of points into Claws (100 points) and Fighter (94-96. can't remember exact number and can't check as I'm typing). And when I fight most bosses and some normal monsters, I barely do damage. Some enemies seem to be more resistant to claws and fists (by fists i mean when unequipped with weapons) than others. I just feel like deadweight in battle a lot of the time and it's disappointing. I want to change my class but I know that i'll have to start from level 1 again... do you anything about how I can reach my current level again with ease? 2. I'll go give that a try. Do you know if the Fighter class can wear them? 3. I see a lot of people riding all kinds of vehicles when they use their dollar board. i think they're called dollar board prisms or something? that's what i meant 4. Thanks. I'll probably buy this game during the summer and get a 3-month pass. It's a lot of fun.
  8. I guess I should add that I want to buy the game off the eshop on Switch.
  9. 1. Where do I get better equipment? All the shops sell equipment that barely improve my stats and they haven't sold anything new in a very long time (i'm at 2.1 in the story right now) so it sometimes feels like I'm using dated weapons to fight battles. Could explain why I do such minimal damage to bosses sometimes. Not what I'm used to in other DQ games. 2. Where can I get all the super cool costumes/outfits I see other players wearing? Like that red knight uniform that the default hero wears in the DQX trailers, I want that one!! I've been only able to find what the shops give me. 3. Where can I get those dollar board transformations? They all look really cool. Is it a traveler's bazaar thing because if so, I have no access to it in the trial version of the game. 4. If I were to buy a 3-month pass of the game, where and how would I do it? Is it possible for me to do it with an American credit/debit card?
  10. In the final dungeon, I was doing nothing but 1-10 damage with attacks. It was that way in the final boss (of version 1) too. I was level 60 so I thought I was prepared. Also, I die super easily and my party members did all the work. This is starting to kill the game for me so it might be time to change classes. any suggestions?
  11. Good thing I didn't bother with the house mechanics yet lol. I'm happy to hear they won't delete anything. I'm still on the fence of buying it since it's a lot of money to spend at once but I'll see. The game is a lot of fun. How long has it been since you started playing? There's something that is shown on the bottom right corner of the main menu that shows hours. It seems to be related to how long you've had the trial and not how many hours you spent in the game. If you're right that there's no limit then that's amazing and one of the best "demos" I've ever played. I've been playing the game a lot trying to get threw both versions 1 and 2 (since it seems like that's how far the story goes for the trial. every time I log in, before the main menu pops up, it tells me in yellow text that I won't be able to play "Tradition of the Ancient Dragon" which is version 3) thinking that it was going to end soon lol maybe I had nothing to worry about.
  12. Yeah you're probably right. Well hopefully someone will one day do it in the future.
  13. I've been playing the trial version on Switch for the past week but since the trial will end soon (apparently it closes after 440 hours have passed since you started it?) I'm considering buying the full version with a 3-month pass during summer break (where I actually have more free time) and continuing from where I left off. Would Square Enix delete my account and save data due to account inactivity if I wait that long without playing anything?
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