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  1. I really could use a game like dragon warrior monsters 1 and 2 in my life
  2. I know DQ of the stars is a mobile game and plays like one. But the gacha rates seem better than crap like FGO and I need something to do at work. I will probably play it casually.
  3. So I came across this website. I guess other people like me exists? I'm a family man, I have a career, Basically your average busy married 30 year old with kids... but there is something about me I don't really discuss much with people. I play dragon quest, like a lot of it. I have my whole life. And never really talked about it with other people until now. Once upon a time I was a 9 year old kid who randomly chose Dragon Quest Monsters for GBC from a shelf at EBX without really knowing much about it. It started a now 20 year journey of me and the dragon quest franchi
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