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  1. Looks good Cran! We welcome new players to both the Den and the Worldwide teams!
  2. Not sure about the scroll, but the equipment can be retrieved near the boat in South Lendor.
  3. I've been hearing about this too and am also confused.
  4. Considering how much DQ music repeats itself in recent games (X, XI, Builders, Heroes, etc), I think "every theme in DQ goes with everything" is already becoming a joke in itself among the fans (along with fans wanting Sugiyama to pass on the torch already and how lazy Square Enix is in putting new DQ music in the latest games). My DQXI and upcoming DQX reviews are more comedic riffs on the actual storylines with my own riffing and commentary. GC Positive and Mr Gentleman do a good job of the more "science" breakdowns DQ YouTube is incredibly small, but there's a huge demand for more DQ related content so hopefully we can all fill that void and get more awareness for the series outside of Japan.
  5. sackchief does DQ reviews and good tidbit videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/Sackchief GC Positive did some in depth reviews of the mainline series, but focuses on other games too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpeYa95mvKM&list=PLCGj9A7lAH8QQkkPMdLZOR1h2HXL0zmyZ Mr Gentleman does some pretty good in depth DQ analysis videos (currently up to DQIV) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH0fH_3lhJtgHK3bsBFx3_Q Geekdom101 is the biggest Dragon Ball Youtuber but also does some DQ stuff from time to time. He plans to review the episodes for the upcoming Dai Anime: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgIqhB8oD5SZ0yUSp71VCOQ I started doing DQ material a year ago with a long in depth review of DQXI and this fall, I'll be releasing in-depth reviews of DQX and all it's expansions: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCePtmyRFS1XrY_NEfMC5cQQ?disable_polymer=true Here's my trailer for upcoming DQX reviews in October: I'm surprised after all these years, DQ content is still relatively small on youtube, but there are quite a few dedicated people out there!
  6. Ah man, I'm gonna be busy moving to my new place tomorrow, so I'll be missing it. Congrats everyone! Take a ton of pics for the album!
  7. You should have a Rura Stone for the Team Mytown.
  8. I've been making the majority of my money with weapon crafting. I just made over 174k on the bazaar selling the weapons from the Tanabata event. Highest I ever made was 700k after forging a high level weapon from 400k of materials. It took me over 2 weeks to sell, though.
  9. Biggest bore for me is definitely the Mysterious Tower.... so glad I got everything I needed from it. I'll have that My Town one day...
  10. Yeah, I've been noticing this happen alot more recently. It's a bit disturbing to log into the DQX phone app (where I usually check the chat) and witness the middle of an argument.
  11. The PC version has different problems for different people. I have a really beefy computer and it won't load the opening movies for me, so I play more on the switch. Wish I could help more, sorry.
  12. Red Berries should be in the True Celed region outside the town. I think they're on the right section of the map.
  13. Good list of accessories, their benefits, and what you can fuse them with: http://bazaar.d-quest-10.com/list/d_accessory/pop_2.html
  14. No prob! Fastest way to get the gear you need is definitely the bazaar, but you need a sub and tons of gold. I'd recommend just farming right now.
  15. The Draque 10 Japanese guide should give you a good idea where to farm the weapons you need (google translate friendly) https://ドラクエ10.jp/
  16. Church, bottom option to switch between your race and human form.
  17. I play on switch. I started with the PC version, but moved onto the switch after 20 hours in. I still use the PC version once in a while to grab a quick screencap. Here's my current DQX collection. I recently got the v1-v5 for the PC since I already had 1-5 on the switch and want to show it off in my upcoming video review.
  18. I visited last night and took this awesome pic of the full DQXI prizes! I also rented your druid, Cranberry.
  19. Daily subjugation (talk to the purple dot at the gate of every town and kill a certain amount of monsters in a certain location), crafting, and bazaar selling have been the top money making methods for me. Don't worry about upgrading your gear early since past level 28, you'll have to farm monsters for the more powerful stuff. I made a list of all the guides I personally use for the game: https://ryanquest.com/2020/04/26/dragon-quest-x-guides-and-getting-started/#more-323
  20. If you're playing on the switch, hold B and that should activate the emotes. The blue option is for the poses/gestures.
  21. Look for the icon that looks like 2 scales. You need to have a subscription to access them.
  22. I got the team outfit talking to some of the team representatives on the west side of Glen near the post office. I think we have a different Team House now (It's a team My Town). Once you talk to the reps, you get the outfit and a rura stone to the team house. I'd post some pics, but I'm not near my switch right now.
  23. Loving the new team outfit! Congrats to everyone for their hard work!
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