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  1. In trying to decorate my house, I came across statues of the DQXI characters in the bazaar I really wanna get along with the DQ1, 3, and 11 paintings, the big Zoma and Orochi statues, etc. Google translate says these things aren't tradeable, so they're not purchasable. Are these items only available through certain events? I was able to buy a Dragonlord statue for 70k gold, but couldn't get the Zoma one. Does that mean nobody in the bazaar has them on sale? I reallllly want that Jade statue!
  2. I've finally decided to join! Here's my info: ライアン。モ KF931-976 Also attached an image from the app.
  3. RyanBGP


    I'll be there at the Feb 13th one!
  4. I ended up getting recruited on a random Japanese team and is there any way to leave it so I can join this one?
  5. RyanBGP

    Quest help

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to do Quest #94 to reset my skill points. I talked to the guy at Garrant Castle who gave me the quest and I've been trying to fight the lion monsters (Geryuons) in north Glen east that are supposed to drop an item I need to trade in with another item from Glen. I've been fighting the Geryudons for several hours and they've dropped a ton of chests, but I don't think they even dropped the item I needed. In fact my map doesn't even give me any yellow cursors on where I'm supposed to even though I got the quest in my log. Any ideas? Thanks. EDIT: Apparently I needed to talk to the guy at Garrant Castle again to activate the quest and now it's working.
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