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  1. Even just a comprehensive item/stat translation would be great. If the character name boxes are translated as well, then it wouldn't be too hard to use a story translation guide alongside the patch. Pretty sure that's how I played the PSP digimon world game, re digitized?
  2. Yeah getting custom firmware and all the niceties that come with it like installing from cia files, is pretty easy these days.
  3. Gotten through the base game content, now I've found wolfspade...and I don't know what it is the elder pipit is trying to tell me. Google searches are yielding nadda, and google translate and yandex aren't helping either. Yandex just whiffs on my screenshots, and translate sometimes works, sometimes doesnt but it's rather indecisive about its translations as well. I need a bonito??? A fluffy cheek? I can pronounce some of the dialogue, but I lack the vocabulary. i did find these from a post on here from back in '15 https://web.archive.org/web/20140210061158/http://dqmj2p.wikkii.com/wiki/New_World#New_World_-_Making_a_medicine_for_the_Wulfspade_Ace https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=dqmj2.ffsky.cn%2Fafterclearpro.htm&edit-text=
  4. So I found a method to still get into the nin. wfc servers, but at least with this method the championship doesn't work. It tries to download the needed data but eventually errors out.
  5. Ah yeah, thank you! When I'm done with joker 2 pro I'll get on this
  6. I can try to find that info again. Basically if irecall right the nds servers are still up, just you have to access them in a slightly different way. I know where I first heard of it was uh...I think /retro on 4chan some years ago?
  7. If I recall correctly, the work around you can do with your router or w.e does work for joker 2, or at least it used to.
  8. Is there a good guide/walkthrough to play this since the eng translation is still underway? Obviously the base menu I'll know, same with some items but dialogue and skill trees I'm sure I'll struggle with. Thanks!
  9. With covid I've actually gotten pretty much caught up on my back log, so figured I'd finally give this a go since Joker 2 is my favorite game. Is there a recommended guide to go with the patch since its incomplete? Ultra bonus points if it has story translations. EDIT: Already started since I really only need stuff for post-Rigor, but I am wondering: Are marsha's requests the same? If not, hoping to get a list provided she still hands out the minus rod(or plus rod? either way)
  10. I didn't make them, but I do recall figuring out the chain for fun. Jorm is pretty ridiculous, but with 3's .hack style disc system you can get a lot of S and SS rank monsters that can potentially hasten things, given you aren't screwed by rng when trying to make the disc(s) you need. As for the pro monsters, idk. I'd assume they're even nuttier, like how the ancient beast was compared to rigor mortex.
  11. Honestly even if we just got a barebones translation for names, skills, etc and then had to use a guide to get the story that would be great.
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