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  1. I wasn't expecting him, hell, I didn't expect anything to be different actually. Seems like an early NES thing to do to leave the map be despite with the overworld changing. And as I said and even you've mentioned, I've never seen it mentioned before. It's not on his wiki page.
  2. Is Dai the better of the two anime? I liked Abel's series quite a lot and given how much I like Dragon Quest (I watched Abel specifically cause it was Dragon Quest, I don't normally watch anime) so I was wondering if this one was worth it.
  3. So I just finished DQ1 (on Switch, my go to version) again, lowest level clear so far at 21. And decided to visit Damdara as I'd never did so after beating the DragonLord, and I found the Ghost of Galen waiting there. Is this a common knowledge thing I'd never heard of before? Or is that genuinely kind of a secret?
  4. I was mainly oomphin' my Hero and Soldier, while my Priest was Multihealing and my Mage was trying to Fizzle after she did the oomphs. In the end I got lucky and Snoozed him, and that's how I won.
  5. I wouldn't know about that, I only joined these here forums just the other day, and only got into DQ in the last year or so. But already Baramos has become my "best frenemy" as it is. I love his design (then again, I have yet to see any DQ monster design I don't like) but good lord he annoys me so much. Hell, it's a meme between me and some friends.
  6. Is Baramos typically such a difficult fight for first time players or am I just particularly unlucky/bad at the game? I got to Baramos the first time with my party in the mid to late 30s, and he just tore me apart. On my winning attempt I just decided to roll the dice on putting him to sleep, which worked despite my history with random chance. Eventually I worked my way through Charlock and got to Soul of Baramos, and had very much the same issues. Hell, when I finally beat the game I decided Zoma gave me less trouble than either Baramos did. (Not counting the Bones of Baramos, he's a breather
  7. Thank you in advance then! They feel like the one thing people would be interested in seeing, so I was surprised that they hadn't been uploaded anywhere yet.
  8. Is there a full rip of the monster graphics used in the Switch versions of the Erdrick Trilogy? I've done quite a bit of looking and I can't find them if they exist. I know the Switch versions of these games are tad controversial for various reason, monster graphics included, but I just want the high resolution PNGs (or whatever format they are) cause I think they look really nice.
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