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  1. I sorta finished Persona 4 a few nights ago. I say sorta since I haven't beaten the true final boss Izanami, but I was getting tired of playing the game and wanted to move on to a different RPG. Decided to replay Dragon Quest IV (the NES version) since that game had recently reached it's 30th anniversary.
  2. In terms of my favorite game from each year in the decade: 2010- Mega Man 10 2011- Pokemon Black 2012- Pokemon Black 2 2013- Rayman Legends 2014- Shovel Knight 2015- Super Mario Maker 2016- Dragon Quest VII 3DS 2017- Breath of the Wild 2018- Owlboy 2019- Dragon Quest XI S
  3. Along with continuing to play Persona 4, I've been mostly playing Tetris Blast on Game Boy and the Game Boy Advance version of Donkey Kong Country 3. I wish Tetris Blast (aka Bombliss) was what our Tetris 2 (aka Tetris Flash) was since that game is so awkward; it wants to be Tetris and Dr. Mario at the same time which should work, but falls flat. Other than some little screen crunch issues in the vertical levels, I do prefer the GBA version of DKC3 to the SNES one. While many people seem to poo on the new soundtrack, I overall prefer it to the SNES one (not that either is necessarily bad) with the GBA's Water World and Mill Fever being my favorites. Also the GBA version has an additional world to go through and they shuffled the boss order around slightly along with adding a new one to fight. I also recently got a replacement rubber pad for my GBA I've had for like 18 years and it works great now! Before that I'd have to press really hard right to get a character to move and looking at the old rubber pad, it looks like the left side was starting to go too. I should really get a new screen for this thing since it is a bit scratched up, but I'm not sure if I'd want to go with another plastic screen or upgrade to a glass one. While going for the glass one is my first thought, I fear that I'll drop the console like I've done many times over the years and thus cracking the screen. A plastic screen is a bit cheaper and more durable when it comes to drops, but they do scratch easily.
  4. Made it to the Heaven in Persona 4. It feels like the penultimate dungeon, but considering I still have like five months to go before I leave Inaba, I'm sure their will be another dungeon to explore after the next one.
  5. 100%d GBC Wario Land II (didn't go through the secret bonus level because I didn't feel like it) and beat Shadow Mitsuo in Persona 4 which I feel like is the halfway point of the game. Now I need another side game to play; I was playing a bit of Donkey Kong Land 2 and Picross 2 on Game Boy, so I suppose I could continue on with those two games.
  6. Beat Shadow Mitsuo in Persona 4 which I assume is about the halfway point in the game. Been liking this game so far except for the Shadow Mitsuo fight which I found to drag its ass and be a bore in general. Also I'm finding the monster designs to be kinda boring; same general color schemes of greys/purples and lacking in variety. I suppose I'm so used to the colorful cast of monsters in Dragon Quest that most of the the ones I've seen in Persona 4 seem kinda meh by comparison.
  7. Still going through Persona 4; Rise and Teddie joined the team. I also maxed out my first social link (the strength one). From playing random GB games, I got in the mood to play Wario Land II again and decided to play the Japanese copy I got last year since I had already 100%d the English Game Boy version. As fun as it is seeing penguins throw beer at Wario in an attempt to get him drunk in some levels (and having drunk Wario burp on them to kill them), I prefer the original Game Boy version over the Game Boy Color version. The colors look kinda washed out and for some dumb reason your save file isn't cross compatible between certain iterations of the Game Boy family; like I have to choose if I want to play the game on a Game Boy/GB Pocket/GB Light/Super Game Boy/Super Game Boy 2 OR on a Game Boy Color/Advance/SP/GB Player. I don't have to worry about this issue with the Game Boy version of Wario Land II or any other black cart GBC game to my knowledge. Regardless of that issue, the game is still fun and like with Dragon Warrior I-II on GBC, the game changes borders depending on where you are when being played on a Super Game Boy.
  8. About 26 hours into Persona 4 and I'm enjoying it. Rescued Kanji and am currently farting around until the next incident happens. Other than Persona 4, I've been playing some random Game Boy games and got back into playing Picross games again after watching a friend on twitch play a Konami Picross game a few days ago.
  9. Finished Pokemon Shield. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would; would probably rank it somewhere in the middle. My team was: Rillaboom, Noivern, Gastrodon, Gallade, Toxtricity, and Sylveon. Unless I feel like going through the post game, Persona 4 will be the next RPG I'll be playing or at the very least, trying.
  10. My favorite games this year were in no particular order: Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth- The only game in the Persona series I've ever beaten and really put any meaningful time into. I really liked the premise, soundtrack, and characters. Plus this game has gotten me interested in trying more of the series; gave Persona 5 on PS3 a shot afterwards while it was on sale and enjoyed what I played of it. Team Sonic Racing- I found the CPU racers far more tolerable here compared to the ones in Mario Kart. The courses, side missions, co-op gameplay, how much of a dork Silver is written, and kart customization were all fun. What little I've dabbled in with local mutliplayer has been fun too. Dragon Quest XI S- While I already really enjoyed DQXI on PS4, what the Switch version added in top of it, made the package even better. Plus having the game on the go is a huge plus. Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening remake- I couldn't get into the GameBoy/Color versions of this game but with the Switch having enough buttons so I'm not constantly pausing to swap what items Link equips, it helped fix one of my bigger gripes with the original. I found the presentation to be charming, reminding me of something Good Feel would make with its toy-like aesthetic. The dungeon maker side game was lame though. Luigi's Mansion 3- I've only put about six hours into this game so far before getting distracted by Pokemon stuff, but from what I played, the game has been an enjoyable and entertaining time. I did find the controls to be a little finicky though. Blaster Master Zero 2- Other than the last bit of the game, I thought Inti Creates improved on the already great Blaster Master Zero. Games I'm looking forward to in 2020 include: Shantae and the Seven Sirens, Panzer Dragoon, Persona 5 Royal, Fuga: Melodies of Steel, and Eastward.
  11. While I enjoyed Moon, I basically forced myself to finish Ultra Moon. I didn't bother with the Let's Go games.
  12. Finished Pocket Monsters Green yesterday and now I'm not sure which RPG I got for Xmas I want to play next: Pokemon Shield or Persona 4. I'm WAY more familiar with Pokemon but the gen 8 games look really boring whereas I have little experience with the Persona series (finished Persona Q2 and played a bit of Persona Q and 5), but they look fun; doubt I'd get around to beating it though.
  13. Well I learned the other night that the item duplication Missingno glitch doesn't exist in Pocket Monsters Green/Red which means getting a Porygon legit is more of a pain than it would be worth since I can no longer sell a crap ton of Nuggets to just purchase all the game corner tokens needed for the Pokemon. So instead I found an excellent substitute: Mew. Thankfully, the Mew glitch still works in these versions. I also tried to trade Pokemon between Pocket Monsters Green and Pokemon Blue just to see if it'd work and the answer is basically no. While both games recognize the other when the game checks to see if the systems are linked up, Blue crashes a few seconds into the Pokemon selection screen while Green functioned normally.
  14. My favorite Mega Man game would have to be Mega Man X4, but I also really like Mega Man X, Mega Man IV GB, Mega Man V GB, and Mega Man 10 to name a few. As for my favorite weapon in Uprising, its been a while since I played the game, but I remember liking the orbitar weapons a lot.
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