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  1. So, I've been playing Dragon Warrior III for the NES again. Every so often, I get the desire to play. I really like this game's balance between following the story and doing what you want. Challenging foes, and several decent ways to grind for levels. And of course, the Shrine of Dhama's job-changing options. (I also like the Monster Arena, but that's a different story. lol) I always start out solo... I know, we ALL do. But I mean I play solo until I get the spell "Return". I will generally do the Soldier-trick. Which will give you multiple spells even at level 1, but you miss several, including Heal if you don't acquire it first through raising your level through battling. After using the Soldier-trick, or not, if I decide not to. I usually form my party pretty balanced. Soldier, Pilgrim, and Wizard. By the time I first get to the Shrine of Dhama, and after I've found the Book of Satori, I use that to change my Wizard into a Sage. After getting further in the game. About the time you get to Samanao, looking for the Staff of Change. before completing that task is usually when I change my Soldier into a Wizard. I then grind like crazy to get him leveled up. This time, I went to Lancel's cave. I remembered that instead of the grinding spot East of Kanave, where you have to worry about Bomb Crags. I found that this cave is a good place to grind for even a Wizard. Your HP and Strength should be halfway (pardon the pun) decent due to formerly being a soldier. If you've gotten the Staff of Thunder from the village of Soo, all the better! It's item-use is good to save MP. but keep your Poison Needle equipped in the meantime. I usually go in after the Hero has cleared the treasures out, and then you only need to be in the first room to grind. Since you can find Metal Slimes in the cave. Your Poison Needle, with some luck, can help you level more quickly. When you learn BeDragon, you can hunt the gangs of Metal Slimes in the hills near Samanao Castle. Anyway, ONCE the Soldier-turned-Wizard has all the Wizard spells, and a decent amount of MP. I change him back into a Soldier. As the example from some NPC says, the Soldier can now use Magic. I usually try to get the MP over 200 so it's at least 100 when you return him to being a Soldier. I have, in past playthroughs, trained my Pilgrim as a Wizard and then back to being a Pilgrim as well. So that he's like a sage, but not. lol So when I go after the Staff of Change, and from that point on in the game, I have Hero, Soldier, Pilgrim and Sage. When you farm to level up your Soldier-turned-Wizard or your Soldier-to-Wizard-back to-Soldier, in the hills near Samanao. You can either have your Hero alive, or dead. You can even have the Hero dead, and bring your sage to help(as back-up). At any rate, if you keep your hero alive during this grinding. He will get very far ahead of all 3 of the other party members by several levels. Right now, I think my hero is Level 43, Soldier is Level 36, Pilgrim, 39 and Sage, 38. As of right now, I've got almost everything I need to go after the True archfiend. All that's left is to build that bridge. So that's my usual approach to playing this game. How about you guys? What jobs to you prefer in your Dragon Warrior/Quest III playthroughs? Any of you start off your party with 3 Goof-Offs? lol
  2. AWESOME! Is there any way to download them? I've only seen the first 10 eps online. Or maybe stream them in the VLC player? I like to do things while I watch stuff on/at the computer. I just keep the VLC player on top, but small enough that I can still work around it.
  3. Hi all! I'm pretty sure I created an account here AGES ago. But I don't know what e-mail I was using back then. I'm pretty sure I might've been the user "Brian", because when that user signed up and last visited, was before I had moved over to Gmail. ANYWAY, I decided to sign up with a new username, from my very first playthrough of Dragon Warrior for the NES. (Because like a newbie, I thought you had to use ALL the available spaces for one's name to get rid of the *s! LOL) Anyway, I've been a HUGE fan of the site since at least 2000, probably before. I think I was still in high school when I happened across Dragon's Den for the first time, and I graduated HS in 2000. I've been especially a fan of the original 4 NES Dragon Warrior games. In fact, writing about them helped me win me a contest on DeviantArt last year! (4 total TOP winners) lol It was a contest to celebrate the release of DQ XI. Hard to believe, but I kept the entry "short". Even got some physical swag from the win! Pretty excited because while they chose 4 winners, I've never been counted in the top of ANY contest I've ever entered. So that made it a little extra special for me, especially since it's one of my all-time favorite game franchises! Anyhoo, I'm presently back to playing Dragon Warrior III. Probably my favorite DW/DQ game of the first 4. Back in the day, I'd rented DW IV, but I didn't really care for the AI. So if I play it, say the DS version, I turn the AI off. I much prefer the manual command type of play than to rely on the AI. That being said, if I lose, then it's on me and I don't have to get angry at an early version of AI. It took me 5 weeks to beat the original Dragon Warrior, which I got as a promotional thing for subscribing to Nintendo Power magazine. Not bad for a kid! I think I was 9, or 10... maybe. I'm terrible with years. lol Anyway, granted there were maps and such in the game box, but I think it was pretty good. Not like I could play it all day every day. What with school, chores, etc. But yeah! I was ready to take on the Dragon Lord but couldn't hardly scratch his scales until getting up to around level 22, and then I had to go another few levels to inflict any meaningful damage on him. I tried DW on an emulator a number of years back, and managed to get the best items by level 13! I didn't go further than that, because I knew I'd have to grind for another 10 levels or so. How did I get Erdrick's sword from Charlock? A WHOLE LOT OF RUNNING! LOL That was ages ago, and I don't have that anymore. Still have my cartridges though. I actually never completed DWII. If I recall correctly, my levels were pretty decent, but I couldn't beat "surprise boss" that's after Hargon. I've beaten III a few times, and IV on the DS version. I've made progress in some other Dragon Quest DS and Wii games too. I had a mostly fun time with DQ Swords. I wish they'd release a port of it for the Switch or something. Though maybe they could make the Tombola a little easier? I sort've threw my shoulder a bit out while trying to get a gold ball from it. It's never been the same since. ^^; I beat Swords, but never got around to doing all of the post-game completionist stuff. DQ VIII for the PS2 is one of my favorites too. While I'm glad it got some love with a 3DS release, I think the censorship was kinda dumb, considering the PS2 release had a lot less of that. Anyway, I'll stop with the into here. It's gone pretty long so, yeah, and I COULD go on sooo.... lol Later!
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