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  1. So, I've been playing Dragon Warrior III for the NES again. Every so often, I get the desire to play. I really like this game's balance between following the story and doing what you want. Challenging foes, and several decent ways to grind for levels. And of course, the Shrine of Dhama's job-changing options. (I also like the Monster Arena, but that's a different story. lol) I always start out solo... I know, we ALL do. But I mean I play solo until I get the spell "Return". I will generally do the Soldier-trick. Which will give you multiple spells even at level 1, but you miss several, incl
  2. AWESOME! Is there any way to download them? I've only seen the first 10 eps online. Or maybe stream them in the VLC player? I like to do things while I watch stuff on/at the computer. I just keep the VLC player on top, but small enough that I can still work around it.
  3. Hi all! I'm pretty sure I created an account here AGES ago. But I don't know what e-mail I was using back then. I'm pretty sure I might've been the user "Brian", because when that user signed up and last visited, was before I had moved over to Gmail. ANYWAY, I decided to sign up with a new username, from my very first playthrough of Dragon Warrior for the NES. (Because like a newbie, I thought you had to use ALL the available spaces for one's name to get rid of the *s! LOL) Anyway, I've been a HUGE fan of the site since at least 2000, probably before. I think I was still in high schoo
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