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  1. AWESOME! Is there any way to download them? I've only seen the first 10 eps online. Or maybe stream them in the VLC player? I like to do things while I watch stuff on/at the computer. I just keep the VLC player on top, but small enough that I can still work around it.
  2. Hi all! I'm pretty sure I created an account here AGES ago. But I don't know what e-mail I was using back then. I'm pretty sure I might've been the user "Brian", because when that user signed up and last visited, was before I had moved over to Gmail. ANYWAY, I decided to sign up with a new username, from my very first playthrough of Dragon Warrior for the NES. (Because like a newbie, I thought you had to use ALL the available spaces for one's name to get rid of the *s! LOL) Anyway, I've been a HUGE fan of the site since at least 2000, probably before. I think I was still in high school when I happened across Dragon's Den for the first time, and I graduated HS in 2000. I've been especially a fan of the original 4 NES Dragon Warrior games. In fact, writing about them helped me win me a contest on DeviantArt last year! (4 total TOP winners) lol It was a contest to celebrate the release of DQ XI. Hard to believe, but I kept the entry "short". Even got some physical swag from the win! Pretty excited because while they chose 4 winners, I've never been counted in the top of ANY contest I've ever entered. So that made it a little extra special for me, especially since it's one of my all-time favorite game franchises! Anyhoo, I'm presently back to playing Dragon Warrior III. Probably my favorite DW/DQ game of the first 4. Back in the day, I'd rented DW IV, but I didn't really care for the AI. So if I play it, say the DS version, I turn the AI off. I much prefer the manual command type of play than to rely on the AI. That being said, if I lose, then it's on me and I don't have to get angry at an early version of AI. It took me 5 weeks to beat the original Dragon Warrior, which I got as a promotional thing for subscribing to Nintendo Power magazine. Not bad for a kid! I think I was 9, or 10... maybe. I'm terrible with years. lol Anyway, granted there were maps and such in the game box, but I think it was pretty good. Not like I could play it all day every day. What with school, chores, etc. But yeah! I was ready to take on the Dragon Lord but couldn't hardly scratch his scales until getting up to around level 22, and then I had to go another few levels to inflict any meaningful damage on him. I tried DW on an emulator a number of years back, and managed to get the best items by level 13! I didn't go further than that, because I knew I'd have to grind for another 10 levels or so. How did I get Erdrick's sword from Charlock? A WHOLE LOT OF RUNNING! LOL That was ages ago, and I don't have that anymore. Still have my cartridges though. I actually never completed DWII. If I recall correctly, my levels were pretty decent, but I couldn't beat "surprise boss" that's after Hargon. I've beaten III a few times, and IV on the DS version. I've made progress in some other Dragon Quest DS and Wii games too. I had a mostly fun time with DQ Swords. I wish they'd release a port of it for the Switch or something. Though maybe they could make the Tombola a little easier? I sort've threw my shoulder a bit out while trying to get a gold ball from it. It's never been the same since. ^^; I beat Swords, but never got around to doing all of the post-game completionist stuff. DQ VIII for the PS2 is one of my favorites too. While I'm glad it got some love with a 3DS release, I think the censorship was kinda dumb, considering the PS2 release had a lot less of that. Anyway, I'll stop with the into here. It's gone pretty long so, yeah, and I COULD go on sooo.... lol Later!
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