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  1. I've been playing this game a lot lately, but never got around to playing it back when the game came out due to needing a VPN and the language barrier. After going through some of the earlier story and end game stuff from V1 and V2, it got me wondering how much of this game has changed since it's initial launch. If anyone who has played during any version prior to V5 could give me some examples, that would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Would love to join the team. In game name is カール GU402-153 And also could you invite my friend? IGN ロース VU848-838
  3. I think it's version 3. I saw the warning that there wasn't something installed and thought it was version 2. Got in the Casino so It's definitely not version 2
  4. I downloaded the free trial for the Switch version and it says that I don't have the second version installed. I downloaded straight from the Eshop and I have no idea how to have get version 2. Could it be the fact that I am not playing the game through an account and instead have the save file on my system locally? Edit: I think the warning is for Version 3, and not Version 2. I was able to get into the Casino
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