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  1. I'm Hoping, in 2020, we get DQ 4,5, and 6 on Switch. Say what you want about the ports; I love them. Also, I'd love to get 10 here in the west. Honestly I don't care if it's online or not. I'm hearing impaired and since most people use headphones I can't game with others. I don't expect to get DQ 12 but maybe some teasers. On a side note; I'm worried we're not getting a Builder's 3 with the departure of Kazuya Niinou. Here's hoping.
  2. Where do I go to purchase the DLC? I don’t see an entry on any menu.
  3. I'm currently playing DQ2 on Switch and having a blast. I considered buying the physical version from PlayAsia but shipping is prohibitive. I did find a terrific physical box (no game) on Etsy. I don't want this to turn into an advertisement but if your interested in a physical representation of the game for your collection Just search etsy and something should pop up. The shop I bought from are very professional and I can't tell the difference from professional printed box art.
  4. I was emerging from my "Dark Times" (not playing video games and generally denying my nerd side) in 1992, a friend game me his NES to play FF1. Absolutely loving that game i sought out similar games and came upon Dragon Warrior 1. I was unaware of all the sequels and when Dragon Quest 8 came out on PS2 I was angered they had "ripped off" Dragon Warrior. About ten years ago I discovered they were one and the same and I've been collecting the games I missed. I'm currently playing DG 1 2 3 and X1 on Switch.
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