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  1. I'd love a discord myself. I can't get the app as my phone is iOS and I have no idea how I'd download the DQX app on there. Also is there an easy way to chat with everyone in the PC client? I know there is a chat button (the slime button) but I'm not sure if it has channels.
  2. I'd love to join, I could use some English speaking friends
  3. Thank you for this amazing post. Also your English is great! No need to worry there
  4. So I've been playing for a few days now. I've tried out the Minstrel (Performer) class and the Wizard (DPS caster). Currently I'm using the weapons they started equipped with. For the Minstrel I'm using the fan (I think it's really neat) and for the Wizard the staff. However I'm curious which is considered the "best" for new players or rather in regards to getting your character recruited into other groups via the offline borrowing feature. I'm not sure how good fans are in general. Again I like them because very few games have them as a weapon type. For the Wizard staff seems like a logi
  5. Yah it's a JP account, the entire shop is in Japanese. I did find it I just had to go about it in a weird way. Also I saw in another thread that when you go to buy a subscription for the Switch version there is an option/link for it in the main menu of the game, is that correct?
  6. Thanks, I'll have to figure out how to flag myself.
  7. I may be doing something wrong but every time I try to go to Dragon Quext X on the eShop it says: Have they removed the game from the eShop? I tried using the link on the main DQX page and it also leads to the same page. This is where I'm seeing it: https://ec.nintendo.com/JP/ja/bundles/70070000001881 Thanks for any help that can be provided. *Edit* I guess I figured it out in a weird way. I typed in "5000" and it brought it up in the eShop on my switch. No matter what I do I can't get it to show up on the eShop web version.
  8. @AustNerevar I was checking out the Japanese eShop page on my computer which reminded me... do I need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play as well? If so would I be able to use my normal US based subscription or would I need to subscribe with my Japanese Nintendo account as well?
  9. Ahh darn, yah I have an iPhone myself and my Android tablet that Verizon gave to me died . With the in game chat can you at least use the d-pad/joy stick to type things in rather than tapping away at your screen?
  10. I'm not sure if this counts but I've been pinging Square Enix and Nintendo on Twitter about getting DQX here in the states:
  11. So quick question about this. If someone is standing next to you and it's clear they're talking to you but you don't explicitly know them would talking in English be a huge problem? I get that shouting or doing some sort of zone chat would be a no-no.
  12. Sounds good, I can keep playing on PC till I get the "fun money" together to buy a copy of the Switch version. Also I edited the previous post but just in case: Again thank you for all your help!
  13. Thanks that helps a lot! I'll have to give it a try tonight and see if I can download the trial onto my Switch. I'm really loving Dragon Quest XI on switch right now and I've always played Dragon Quest on Nintendo systems personally On a side note I wish they'd release the sales numbers for Dragon Quest games here in the US, I'd love to see how well they're doing (or not). It's my favorite Japanese game franchise. *Edit* I just read the link you sent me. You weren't kidding it is super easy! Fingers crossed that my bank will let me make purchases on there because that'd just streamli
  14. Thank you, yes if you could tell me how to createa JP eShop account that'd be great! Also quick question, I'm currently playing without a VPN on PC and it's working alright so far (I guess they never reinstated the US block once it came down back in July). Would my switch version be able to work just like the PC version without a VPN? I don't really know how to use a VPN with the switch (just in Windows). Lastly is the Yen card a Nintendo eShop card or something entirely on its own? I did notice on some eShop screenshots they allowed Paypal also?
  15. Hi everyone. I just started playing DQX this past weekend and I can honestly say I love it! I'm thinking of buying a copy. Sadly Playasia is sold out of PC copies right now but I did see that amazon.co.jp has digital copies available. That being said is there an easy way to subscribe to the game once I pick up a full copy? The SE site says that no foreign credit cards will be accepted. My guess is the Crysta is the best way to go? However I can't seem to find out where to buy it outside of the SE page. Also in regards to the Nintendo Switch version of the game how would you subscribe with
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