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    DQ9 Battle Records (Gradis)

    I don't have an R4 but thank you. I'd rather get everything as legitimately as possible Oh also, this is an old image, I also have 100% alchenomicon now.
  2. Gradis

    DQ9 Battle Records (Gradis)

    Yep, only DQVC Items. This is because EUR carts can't access it through the altDNS. If I got my hands on a USA cart I'll be able to transfer items over
  3. Gradis

    The Team!

    Thank you! It's taken a lot of hours, My final post game team will be 3 paladins and 1 priest. No need for sage due to physical attacks being superior, sage is probably only useful for kazing in late post game, which is something you wouldn't need to rely on with a high magical mending priest w/ multi/omniheal!. Best of luck for your team though ♡
  4. Hello! I have been running a Discord server for DQIX fans for almost a year now and have only just had the idea of putting it here to share with you all. We offer: • Very fast and accurate advice/answers to all our members (returning and or new) • Challenges to complete within your DQIX save files to combat boredom, get your game on and climb our tournament leaderboard! • Information channels that house everything about the game • Grotto bot, a programmed bot for finding results straight away If this sounds interesting then please take a look: >>D
  5. From the album: Dragon Quest IX - Gradis' Achievements

    Here's to my 4th save file in a decade of playing getting up to 100%. Shame about DQVC not being accessible on EUR cartridges, otherwise I'd have 100% item and wardrobe :(
  6. Filled with all momentous occations that have occured through my time playing DQ IX from mid 2019 to now
  7. Gradis

    The Team!

    From the album: Dragon Quest IX - Gradis' Achievements

    All I have to say is: Seed farming is fun. x
  8. Gradis

    DQ9 Hero

    From the album: Dragon Quest IX - Gradis' Achievements

    Wow, It's been a long time since I last updated this galley. Anyway, it's been a wild ride seed farming my team, gladiator is actually at +14 revocations due to needing specific FQ values for grottoes. :o
  9. From the album: Dragon Quest IX - Gradis' Achievements

    I am currently 300+ Hours into the game. Unlocked DLC through wifi hotspot means. Here is my end game armour progress.

    © Gradis

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