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  1. i just think the steam release could eventually get mods to port the assets from the original over thats worth a buy on its own to see what the moding community does for example the original release on pc has a orchestral soundtrack mod
  2. il be buying it on steam so excitedd to have all the content at least its not a full $60 $40 for whats added is fair not ideal but fair. i already paid $60 last year for it on switch but im still gonna have it on pc plus modders will probably fix the asset problem in the future either way its mine lol
  3. ya im newer to the series but i aggree in terms of the dq titles they have been putting out some effort latley but man dqx every time its mentioned i drool a bit lol if the west can get pso2 it can get dq x someday but ya so many games id love to dive into if made avalible and feels like a slap in the face them mentioning thease games we so far havnt got
  4. ya id so b down for dq x i mean come on the west is getting pso2 i know thats not square but it gives hope
  5. id love the dq11s content to go multi plat would love to pay for it as dlc on the pc release loving it on my switch lite but still id also love a new monsters title and maybe dq walk lol
  6. im excited been thinking of watching a online sub of it glad i havnt so far
  7. bought it and definatly looking foward to playing it always down for some multiplayer as well
  8. now im torn on weither to buy builders 2 on the pc or switch been playing builders 1 on switch now its like well do i buy 2 on switch or pc lol
  9. thanks guys def looking foward to it now just gotta wait lol kinda wishing id just bought it digitally but oh well lol
  10. was wanting somthing to chill and play since i am mainly playing the main dq games on stream. so i bought dq builders for switch got a good deal off ebay was just wondering about any suggestions for getting started
  11. needed a game to not be on a handheld for being at my parents place and since i havnt bought dq5 yet. iv been playing it this evening and man they translated the game to mobile really well seems like il get used to the partrait mode at some point still feels odd atm but man im enjoying the game just getting started any tips ?
  12. Hi im Blindpcguy a visually impared (Optic Nerve Hypoplasia) gamer/streamer who loves RPGS a family member whos been a life long gamer recently recomended me the dragon quest series i bought the game on pc got like 3 hourrs in and found out about the switch release a few months before launch so stopped playing. on launch day i bought dq11s dq 1-3 and the 3ds port of 7. i also really enjoy the tales of series, final fantasy, world of warcraft, elite dangerous, and pretty much everything nintendo. looking foward to meeting and learning more about the dragon quest series and getting involved in
  13. new to the fourms here but iv been playing them as a first time player of the original 3 im really enjoying them or at least the originall a friend said it was a good idea to run through them before getting too deep in 11s so i am and so far am really enjoying the experince iv also fired up the snes versions english patched on my snes classic edition and compared they both to me have a charm but in a diffrent way.
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