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  1. you not playing slow actually , thats how you enjoy the game right XD . Me myself playing this also took a lot of time in each chapter . If you need any advice , I do have a post is about DQ Builders 1 and I think that will do help you a lot . Just click in my profile and you will see a title named Glitches not Cheats XD . Good Luck having fun right there Fyi, they're using it as a sex dungeon. lol is this real XD
  2. Glad to help XD . There will be another episode that about DQ Builders 2 , stay tune for more .
  3. LOL , must be a fun trip . That reminds me I don't have a good trip in a long time . huh~

    The power of love

    With the power of love , Evil shall not be live . πŸ’– PAFU PAFU πŸ€—
  5. Build up your body to walk more far away in Dragon Quest . I love working out , do you ???
  6. Hi Hi guys , is me again IKAROS~ . Today I'm gonna talk about the glitches that I love and can't stop using it in DQ Builders 1 & 2 . We all know every single has their own glitches , some of them are good , some of them are hilarious and some of them are making you pissed AF . In DQ Builders 1 & 2 there is a lot of glitches that people keep using it . Some people see it as a glitch or you can say an advantage to make them more easy and more happy to play with . But some of the people see it as cheats , and these "cheats" make them super pissed and they keep saying that cheats is something that will ruin your game experience . Some times we can even see some people arguing on the internet . Geez that is some world war sh!t right there XD . [ Dragon Quest Builders 1 Glitches ] * Items Duplicate Glitch We all know some of the resources in the game cannot be respawn again and can be finish using it . Such as Food , Stone , Iron , Copper and a lot of stuff that you can't survive in the game without it . And some of the player like me love to go slow in game and some times in a single chapter , we wanted to stay long enough to say bye bye to our lovely land . Now things going very good until we find out that our food is running out and we don't want this kind of stuff happen in game . To prevent this kind of stuff happen , we need to be prepare in the early game . Now this is how the glitch works . First , you have to collect a 100 of the resource that you wanted to duplicate . Then you have to prepare a chest that you wanted to put the stuff that you duplicate . And the last is you have to stuff your Colossal Coffer with any items until it has only one space left . When all those steps are done , we can start our duplicate section now . First throw out 99 of the item that you wanted to duplicate at some place that you can easily pick up again . Then put that last 1 of the item that you wanted to duplicate into the last space that you prepared in the Colossal Coffer . And before you start , you must also fully stuffed your item's bag . You can just take out 1 or 2 in each items inside the Colossal Coffer to fully stuffed your item's bag . When all is done , you need to go back and pick up the 99 items you threw . The items you pick up will still laying on the floor when only 98 of it was sent directly into the Colossal Coffer. Now , clear one space in your item's bag and go take out the 99 items that you wanted to duplicate and put it into the chest that you prepared earlier . After that , take 1 out of the item you just put inside the chest and put it back into the Colossal Coffer . Now stuff your item's bag fully again and go pick up the item you just threw and wallah , the item will be still laying on the floor and inside the Colossal Coffer , that 1 item you put in turn into 99 again . Keep repeat again and again and you will be rich AF 🀣 . If you wanted to stop duplicate it , just left out a empty space in your item's bag or Colossal Coffer and pick up the item that laying on the ground . PS : πŸ”—In case you need a video . Big shout out to BenXC . * Easy Experience Now this Glitch is call Easy Experience , is about the base EXP you have when you building your base in story mode . Like me personal , I like to build up the base after I get the Items or block recipes I need . But without upgrading the base experience , I can't complete the quest that given by and so the story progress won't go on . And like that you won't able to get the recipes you need and you have to build . With this kind of problems , is the time for this glitch to kick in . Now we all know when the room points hits enough , the base will level up . And when the level is up , it cannot downgrade your level . If you destroy your room , it will only take away points from your Level progress bar . And so , if you wanted to level up your base without using a lot of times to build up a fancy big base , this can be really helpful to you . Just simply build up some small rooms with dirt and put stuff in to become a useful room such as Armoury , Bedroom and more . And when your Level is up , just destroy the stuff you put inside the room and put it back to make the room register again . And this is how the Easy Experience Glitch works . PS : πŸ”— Just kidding , there are no video for this XD * Elevator Glitch Yes as the name you see , this is a glitch that can make you a awesome elevator . Now this is a bit hard to explain by just using words , and so yes , your favourite , VIDEO TIME ~ YAY . (Crowd Clapping) *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* . Thank you thank you , love you guys . Thank you thank you . Being punched by reality and awake ........... He...here , the video you guys need . And again big shout out to BenXC ...... And so that's it for today's episode . Feel free to comment what you guys thinking of , and follow me if you love my post . Next episode we gonna talk about the glitches in DQ builders 2 and so see you guys in next episode . ByeBye
  7. Dragon Quest Builders 1 & 2 are a good game that every one will easily get addicted with , and we love it so much . I do remember the first time when I played this game , I get so addicted and can't stop playing it . I don't usually play this kind of JRPG , but when I started to play , I just can't stop playing and love it so much . Game is game of course , every game has their own problem and many player will try to solve it and make themselves to have a good game experience . But there will always have that one problem that you can't solve no matter how you try and how hard you doing research online . And that , is some serious sh!t that will ruined our game experience . I do remember there is a problem I can't solve when I first playing DQ Builder 1 . The problem I met was the 2nd floor room I built can't register and this problem making me really pissed in that day . I done a lot of research , tried a lot of way and suggestion , but still ..... the problem can't be solve . And with that problem , I give up to play DQ Builder 1 and it took me 6 weeks to picked it up and play it again . Because I am really pissed in that time and this literally ruined my gaming experience . Until today , the 2019 , this problem still can't be solve . But I have to stand up and face it right ??? Do you guys have any problem that you can't solve or some problem that makes you pissed in Dragon Quest Builders 1 & 2 ??? Feel free to comment and make sure do follow me in Dragon's Den page 😘 And I'll talk to you guys later .
  8. I do have a PS4 & PS Vita , but with DQ Builder 1 , I choose to play on PS Vita . This option is suitable for those people who don't have much time playing house gaming console . But for those who play on PS Vita won't get the good graphic as the PS4 , beside that everything is actually going quite well on the PS Vita . Anyone here still playing DQ Builder 1 in 2019 ????
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